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Omakase Room by Tatsu

Hello weekend! We are fully booked, but we still have few spots left for the next one

Thinly sliced, our ginger is pickled in sugar and rice vinegar for three days before its served to refresh the palate in between sushi varieties

Chef Tatsu uses Japanese short grain rice with red vinegar to make the sushi rice. Made of sake-kasu, red vinegar aroma quickly disappears, and the right timing and temperature of the rice is essential

Our fish is sourced from Japan and the U.S. coasts and on a typical day, may feature over different 25 varieties

With more than 20 years of experience, Tatsuya uses tradition as his guide, and personalization as the core of his philosophy

Today favorite Sliced Shimaaji or Striped Horsemackerel | Japanese seasonal fish

We are officially open 🥂Thank you all for coming to support our newcomer, and be a part of first dinning experience

check out in today's @nytimes 🗽Off The Menu by #FlorenceFabricant

"Sushi Yasuda Alum Takes Over a New West Village Omakase Restaurant" @eater thank you for a great article

Tatsu cooks each shrimp separately, right before its served, to make sure the temperature is perfect 👌🏼

Citing it through 🔪 the final preparation day

Akami (lean tuna) 🇯🇵 to begin with. 📸: @JaiNima

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