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alex olson  ♻️

Short and Sweet...

Definitely thought this was gonna be something way different. Nonetheless,it was really interesting and definitely learned something new. always wanted to read one of these book’s but maybe was a little embarrassed. Anyway, it’s a little out there but its good. Also there a women’s one too

For the music fans or people that grew up in LA, this one was good.

This one was a long one... but interesting.

This sunday doing the halloween jam AGAIN @LES SKATE PARK! @slickyboytf MC'ING @gangcorp! Art work by @bencolen

Found some old photos of an art idea I was trying to make in 2012. Tried to recreate my junior high experience. Whatever failed artist 🤔
to be continued...

Miss you 💙 😔 #dylanreider

Old mg photos #hasselblad

Thank you for everything you did for us... rest in peace Sandy Bodecker🙏


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