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Wen u a part on valentimes but she styll luh u #πŸ’š

Reach for the sky #devry

Opening Hamlet tonight at @tarragontheatreto. Playing with this band is one of the highlights of my life. Come see us.

Season 4 of @schittscreek starts tonight on @CBC at 9 ET! Could not be happier or more grateful to be in the company of such excellence! And thank you @ccimoroni12 for this drawing in which I look so much better than ever before!

Starting Hamlet @tarragontheatreto today. O heart, lose not thy nature.

Happy birthday to this absolute Queen of a woman who makes my life infinitely better on a daily basis. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

"This is pleasant."

Pre show at "The Aliens" had us rollin cigarettes, doin cross words, talkin trash and slappin each other in the face. Miss it already.

All Growed Up

The Aliens is now open at the @coalminetheatre. I feel very lucky to be working on such a beautiful piece of writing with such an incredible and talented group of people. Come see us if you can, it's one of my favourite things I've been a part of. πŸ“·@timleyes

Big Moments

Wen u know u aint hoo u tryna b #fony


Kids These Days

All I think about is baseball πŸ“·@theo.skudra

Wen u da only wun n ur squad dat wants to leeve #getmeoutofhere


I Think You Are A Whole City & yesterday when I first touched
you i started moving
thru one of your suburbs
where all the gardens are fresh
with faces of you
flowering up

some girls are only houses
maybe a strip
woman you are miles
of boulevards with supple trees
unpruned & full of winding
so give me time i want
i want to know
all your squares & cloverleafs
im steering now by a constellation
winking over this nights rim
from some great beachside of you
with highrisers & a spotlit
beaux arts

i can hear your beat-
ing centre will i
will i make it
are there maps of you
i keep circling imagining
parks fountains your stores

back in my single bed i wander
your stranger dreaming
i am your citizen

Waterloo 1965 Earle Birney

Artwork by Doreen Balabanoff
My mother

Big Moves

Duff Life

Happy Toronto St. Pats

Your cloak is magnificent.

Ice Kween

Way back. When I had the red and black lumberjack. With the hat to match.

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