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O.L.R. doodle  Illustrations and more by Olivia Lucile

Sunday doodles- it’s most enjoyable to draw when it’s spontaneous and you have no time restrictions. Weekends are great 🙌

Using up more of these mini canvas's and gouache paint (which I think I fall in love with each time I use it)! What's it going to be...

Any Vikings fans out there? My husband is hooked on this show and the look of the characters and the costumes is so interesting to me! These were really fun to work on #Vikings

This has always been one of my favorite sketches. || When I was 15 I saved up enough money to buy a plane ticket to Germany and ma mère and I stayed with her college roommate and their family. We were fortunate enough to take a day trip to Paris and it was a dream for me, finally getting to put into practice the minimal French I knew at the time. I sat outside Notre Dame on an old park bench sketching the flying buttresses, while ma mère snapped a picture of me (swipe for that snapshot). This sketch reminds me of my love for capturing what I see, how it connects me to my Creator, and of the hope and encouragement people around me give so often.

My in laws have a painting like this in their living room that I've always admired, so I painted my own mini canvas of it. Does anyone recognize whose it is? I can't seem to find the original artist. But I did like using gouache paint for the first time!

People's faces are the oddest thing to draw, the slightest difference in shape or line makes a whole different expression! My husband left a bunch of selfies on my phone a while back so that was some fun inspiration as you can see 😂

The finished Celtic font numbers! Really happy with how these turned out. There's something about interwoven designs that makes my heart happy ✨

I'm sketching out this Celtic inspired font for my husbands board game while I'm on break at work. Someday I'll sit in cafes and do this for a career, but for now I'll take the few minutes I can get

This is what my creative outlet looks like these days, I call them my #SketchesAtStoplights. It's hard to be motivated to find time to sketch and keep creating things when it seems like there's a million things to do. I worked all day but before getting time to make art, I have to text my husband the grocery list to get on his way home (thanks jo), reply to two emails, get out dinner to thaw before cooking, and probably more. There's always something else to do, so finding time in between red lights is all I have right now (sorry mom- being safe) enjoy these bumper stickers, gargoyles, and random others

Currently working on some paintings for my husbands board game he's creating. I'll say this- it's taken me far too long to get around to this project. I sat around for a long time feeling powerless and insecure about my art and putting off the thing that makes me so content when I put aside my fears. Josiah has so much faith in what I can do and I don't know how I wasn't encouraged by that before! Also, my last post was all about being involved in #inktober. Yeah that didn't happen, but that's in the past and we're moving forward.

It's #inktober! And I want to try and be as involved with doing a drawing every day, but perhaps I will also share things I've done in the past that I love too. Here is a birthday card I did last month, one of my favorites ❤️

All inked up and ready for some watercolors 😊 this part is fun but scary because there's always that fear that you will ruin a beautiful pen and paper drawing with the wrong colors, but going for it anyway!

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