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[email protected]  Awkward potato with freckles who does blogging weekly and a visual person by day / Phil 4:13 / #SRSexplores


When your crush asks you what you're up to all of a sudden but you got annoyed and completely tired of waiting for him, so bye #clozetteid

Probably the shortest haircut I've ever had and it was 3 years ago #clozetteid

BLOGGED : I have to say, I’ve never really opened up massively about my relationships and personal endeavors on my blog just because it’s my positive place where all I want is this fulfilling, uplifting feeling of joy and celebration of creativity and unspoken thoughts #clozetteid

Couldn't be happier to get these lip tints on my hands, super in love with the shades especially the number 1 from the first sight and the first try, it's easy to apply, lightweight when applied and non-drying, I love the glossy result. Thanks to these newest product from @maybelline ❤️ #clozetteid #MNYLipTint #sociolla
You can get it now at @sociolla website and get IDR 50.000 off by using code SBNLAEWF for every mininum purchase of IDR 250.000

I got happier and felt contained by learning from the stupidity and mistakes I made in the past. My thought towards people nowadays is If only you can try to look at the brighter side of things #clozetteid

If you could just mind your own business that would be great #pusing #kacaubalau #clozetteid

BLOGGED : All of us still think Betadine as the old brand of wound care specialist. This time I am going to share you how I survived from long-lasting sore throat and swollen gums using #betadineobatkumur
Only few people knew about my health condition, that’s why I am more concerned about my own health and try to live in a healthier way, a new habit I’ve lately done in 2017 is gargling, yeah because gargle is good for sore throat problem but so many Indonesian people rarely to do this, hal ini dapat membantu mencegah iritasi berlanjut pada tenggorokan.
Betadine Obat Kumur ini mengandung Povidone-Iodine 1% yang merupakan zat anti mikroba yang secara efektif terbukti dapat membunuh bakteri, virus dan jamur. You just need to gargle for around 30 seconds and it will help to prevent a small problem from becoming worse 😌

Make’ em whistle like
a missile bomb, bomb @margaretavania @sonyathaniya @gianciana #clozetteid

Trying to maintain my inner resting bitch face/annoyed expression/cold-hearted girl because somewhere inside I'm still a nice and friendly person, but I think I was not trying harder 😂 #clozetteid

New favorite corner at the airport : SAMS' reading corner. It has so many good books, and I am so happy knowing the face I wont ever be bored waiting for my flight. Yes you'll see me here everytime I travel @samssepingganairport

Waiting for gyoza and sushi @sushinei food truck be like..... I can't really wait #SRShappytummy #clozetteid #terlanjurdihati / 📸 : omdapy @zwgs

BLOGGED : cycling is (after walking) the easiest and most natural way to move along #clozetteid #SRSexplores

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