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But she didn’t know, she wasn’t told
This life is just too old
People walking come and go
They don’t know you they’re so cold
Why, why, bring me down
Owe nothing to your frown

BLOGGED : Food has been a big love and hate in my life and for now I love food more than I hate it. You might remember how much I love drinking chocolate even now, I wish I could wake up to a glass of ice chocolate or a cup of hot chocolate every morning #clozetteid #SRShappytummy

I learned self love, self growth & self trust, thanks February, it's been a tough month #clozetteid

Me, looking for some french fries 🍟 #clozetteid

I'm quite hungry but all ready to go to sleep, suggest my next move? Posting a photo of my kind of guilty-pleasure on Instagram instead #clozetteid #bpnfoodies #SRShappytummy

It all comes down to one vital thing, happiness. I am learning to find my own source of happiness within myself and that it's not all about pleasing others at the expense of anyone's content. Finding self-worth inside of you is so important and freeing #clozetteid

BLOGGED : I am starting to found out the reason of my existence and I am not going to settle for anyone who doesn't completely agree with it. I've learned to let go the people who don't give me closure. I deserve someone who will express their feelings with all honesty #clozetteid

BLOGGED : When you start to put your happiness and self love first, so many things open up to you, there would be more opportunities #clozetteid

Sometimes the best kind of love is the kind that comes from yourself #clozetteid

BLOGGED : Being in this state, where we want to be perfect, we tend to forget that we are still human and we can be flawed #clozetteid

It has whitening effect that makes skin clean and clear, with Paper Mulberry extract, it prevents pigmentation on skin and generation of spots and freckles. It plumps and makes skin so much brighter after only 20 minutes, thanks to its Niacin Amide/Vitamin B complex that has an excellent whitening function and provides nutrition to skin, preventing loss of moisture. The insanely cute packaging doesn't hurt, either.

I've used this whitening mask since last week (believe me or not, in just 20 minutes the appearance of fine lines is visibly reduced and skin looks restored). It totally kept my skin soft and moist and brightening my skin tone #clozetteid #charis #charisceleb #fourbeauties #mask #sheetmask #facialmask @charis_official
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Funny how much you learn as life throws you out of your comfort zone #clozetteid