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Rewarding ourselves with dumplings and a heckin long walk (with incline) after a v productive morning honing in on our counselling skills. #kickingoalswithsolutionfocusedbrieftherapy #biopsychosocialselfcare

Looky at the contents of my package, arriving in excellent timing before my next period. MENSTRUAL CUPS! If you're someone who endures having the walls of their uterus shed each month as a punishment for not bearing child, then you should try one of these (if you haven't already)! They're less hassle, good for the environment 🌱🌿 and saves on dosh (loop hole around the heckin tampon tax) #menstrualcups #nomoredryvaginas #womenshealth (but also) #periodsarenotjustforwomen #transhealth

Gogh's Japanese wood block print collection.
#ngvmelbourne #vangoghandtheseasons #summer #goghsinspo

"One must work long and hard to arrive at the truthful. What I want and set as my goal is damned difficult, and yet i don't believe I'm aiming too high. I want to make drawings that move some people... Whether in figures or in landscapes, I would like to express not something sentimentally melancholic but deep sorrow, in short. I want to reach the point where people say of my work, that man feels deeply and that man feels subtly."
Tree Trunks in the Grass
- Van Gogh, 1890
#ngvmelbourne #vangoghandtheseasons #spring #roundtwo

The highest of vis jackets worn by my jackhammer of a teammate @conorly, coming in 2nd at The Office trivia like the worlds best boss. #bushiestbeavers #oakyafterbirth

Trying too hard to be candid as @johahnah rocks the wedding in blocks. #lachylovesyu


Not sure which one's sweeter. #honeyformyhoney #brunch #mccraesufm

Your standard third wheel.
πŸ“· @benjaminspencer
#favengagedcouple #maggies21st

Winter denial. πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ

A slightly underwhelming but still delish end to our 11 course 'Banquet B' feast.
#japanese #ishashityounot

>> Housemates of 2015-2016 - @isobelbirrell
Middle photo: face of some peanut who realized too late that the sign she picked up is wildy irrelevant. #dreamsdocometrue #stephs21st

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