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이올리비아 모델 🌟  🌟Polish model in S. Korea #외국인모델 🌟 🌸 촬영/협찬 DM 주세요 (세미누드❌ 누드❌ 무페이 ❌) 🌸 Happy Wifey 💕 Check out my youtube video:👇🏻

Got pics from cosmetic shooting few months ago ☺️ That time I had done only two jel nails on my right hand, so I had to do soo many weird poses to hide it 😂 However results are nice, these pictures gonna be used in China! 😊

I posted new video from Singapore, link in Bio ❤️ Jest nowy film z Singapuru z polskimi napisami ❤️

I love #Singapore so much ❤️

My favorites at #trickeyemuseumsingapore ❤️😁 Can’t wait to visit other trick eye museums in future 🌸

Good night 🌙 @gongjeon.official

Time for small k-beauty talk! 💕Personally I can’t imagine make up without making my lips 👄 Even if Im more into neutral colors than crazy ones! 😅 So as soon as I got these lipsticks I attacked pink one! ☺️ I love it bright and vivid color as much as its creamy consistency, which makes it so easy to use(dry lips squad, where are you? 👋🏻)~ Definitely k-beauty must have item!🦄💕 #비브라스 #reviveme_vivlas #리바이브미립스 #만년필립스틱 #베를리너핑크 #립스틱추천

Guilty pleasure at its finest 😫👌🏻🥗❤️ Thank you @wavehousesentosa for having us! 😍 #wavehousesentosa

My first appearance in magazine! 😍🤩 Results are amazing ❤️

I will organize pics asap and start posting, I promise! 😅🇸🇬💕 #singapore #dusksingapore

About last night 🍹🤭

I ❤️ Singapore! #singapore 🇸🇬

Many people ask me how i bleach/dye my hair blond in Korea and till today I always said that I go anywhere and do only my roots as Im scared that korean hair product gonna burn my hair 🙁But today I took a risk and guess what? Results are freaking amazing! 😍 First time in Korea hairdresser used toner on my hair! 😅😅😅 They finally got some cool tone and are beautifully white... after all treatment they look really healthy as well 😍 I totally recommend you going to @boram_330 at 부평, you wont regret it! Service is amazing too as owner is the cutest hairdresser I have ever met ❤️ 많은 분들이 한국에서 어떻게 탈색하냐고 물어보시는데요! 🤔지금까지 어딜가도 머리가 상할까봐 뿌염만 했었어요... 한국 탈색약이 머리망칠까봐☹️
그런데 오늘! 도전을 해보기로 했어요! 그리고 결과는 완 전 대 박
시원한 색으로 톤을 맞춰주셔서 정말 새하얀 색이 되었어요! 😍그리고 클리닉 덕분에 머리도 너무너무 부드러워요..🌸 @boram_330 여기 추천합니다. 신보람원장님 정말 추천해요! 서비스도 친절하시고 제가 본 헤어드레서 분들 중에 제일 귀여우셨던 분이에요 ❤️

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