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  baby you're an endless summer🌹// @ssar.art


DAAAMN new wallpaper and new everything I'm printing this and hanging it on my wall beside my mirror just wait and see omg THANK YOU @rmdrk love u🌹

and so they sayyyy they shame us for being too romantic/artistic/poetic/surrealistic- but we just see beauty where others think there is not so every poet out there I LOVE YOU🌹

the hair just how i like it; big and wild

the other side🌹💀

i got an endless summer in my heart full of love and care only for myself which i am never again neglecting for somebody else🌹

we sit in hell
hand in hand
we both talk about ourselves
we both look around and laugh a little
we are damned and we know it
we know it and we love it
there is something about forbidden things
that reigns in my mind when it comes to you
i swear i have never tasted an angel
until the devil sent me to you
you are dark baby
i don't know how, in you, i find heaven
but i do
and it's pure crack
i'm way past the line of regret
and i'm so high in a hopeless place
but i pray to whoever that listens to me
to please have mercy over all this
because you are spreading like ashes in wildfire
and we are already burning
i can take sitting in hell
and burning from skin to bones
for you
but i'm fading and so are you
it feels like dying
but i heard whispers that we brought this upon ourselves
so i sit quite while i inhale burnt oxygen
and wait for the moment that leads us to death
—couldn't live without you so i followed you to death


airplane mode level 1000%

summer skies are so beautiful and they remind me of sweet and soft things like kisses on the forehead, well kept promises, and a first love. they remind me of roses and goodbyes and tanned arms. summer skies remind me of laughs and late night calls. they remind me of whispers and laughs. summer skies remind me a hell of a lot of people that are gone for good and that alone is so inspiring🌹

L[ove]UST for life 💘💘

summer bummer🌹

you all be saying your dad is the best blah blah but really mine *is* the best daddy in the world! thank God for blessing me💫
feliz día del padre papi❤️ te amo🐝

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