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your hands of an artist
and your eyes of a wanderer...
you were like a drug
and i liked you too much.
you never knew where you were going
and you didn't care -you loved your art too much,
but i thought you could love me more-
you were too much south and no north;
you didn't care paint staining your jeans
or pens littering your desk.
you said the best things came out of a mess
as you threaded your fingers through my hair
and told me about your own mess.
you had me on my knees begging for a taste.
you were this place i wouldn't set foot on
if i had a straight mind
-because your roads have no signs
and no numbers-
but that was the problem;
i was never in a right state of mind when it came to you.
damn you and your paint.
you and your disorientation that was so fascinating.
damn you and your pens and sketches.
damn you and your journals.
damn you and your stories.
damn you and your late night smoking.
damn you and you goddamned art. —sarah elizabeth on: my man, his art and my forsaken heart.

new york gave me experiences, extra weight, stories to write about and good opportunities🌹

the gentlest of hands,
the softest of hearts,
the strongest of spirits,
the purest soul;
my mom🌸
THATS MY MOM. congratulations on this new chapter of YOUR life. I'm so happy for all that you have accomplished and all you have taught me through the years. you have storms of good things coming your way. you deserve the world and God is sure giving it to you. YOU GOT EVERYTHING IN YOU TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. YOU ARE. OWN IT. MAKE IT COUNT. TE AMO MAMI🌹
damn you look GOOOD

wh{A}t is New Yo{R}k if not {T}all buildings, endless streets, lit up avenues, rushing people, blaring sirens and coffee shops?

you you YOU

6:17am on a cloudy Thursday.
this is how i wake up every morning and i love seeing the sleepiness and dreamy-like look in my eyes. 🌹look in the mirror and love what you see. love the stretch marks and bags under the eyes. love the frizzy hair and the dreams engraved upon your skin. love the way your cheeks blush when you get a compliment. love your tears and sobs. love the way you laugh and throw your head back. love your voice after a breakdown. love the way you look at the world. love your anger and giddiness. love your happiness and sadness. love your hands as they make art coming from within. love your soul as it burns for the things you already love. love love love. always love. always love yourself.🌹

my collection is complete. his words make me the happiest as they wrap around me and heal me xx

||||NEW PIECE! dm me with something regarding love so i can write about it|||| he gets to be poetry with every fiber of his body
with every close of his eyes
and every hit of his cigar
he is perfect even when he's high
and i love him when dawn comes
and even more when the waves roar
he is so perfect
and i don't know how to recover from the electricity shocking my soul
he is the wind and the sand
the ocean and the sun
he is everything
he marks the start and end of new life
he is the line between love and hate
and he is the moment that passes when you blink and are not able to see what happened in that split second
he is everything
he doesn't like it when i say it but he is
he is everything

when u see bae potential👽

ignore my knee in the far back let's look at the sunglasses the salesman literally gifted me

swipe for a poem🌹

i'm seventeen and i'm on fire. i couldn't be more grateful for the depth God has provided me with. thank you, for you have made my insides perfect.
couldn't be happier for who i have become throughout these seventeen years.

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