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MINI LIVING collaborated with Studiomama and created these conceptual shells, human centric, with minimal footprint, visible at the Salone del Mobile in Milan this past week. These are shared spaces, offering individual living (kitchen, gym…), private (bedroom) and communal areas (atrium, garden…), giving inhabitants the opportunity to choose when to open up heir dwellings.
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How to make people involved in collaborative designs? By letting each personal expression speaks freely, creating highly adaptable modular systems, playing with shapes, textures, forms, volumes and colors.
This is exactly what happens in the MINI LIVING FACTORY OF IDEAS, where a hands-on approach rewards everyones experimentation and fun. Here you can imagine a house - the living unit - you’re invited to build, in front of buildings - the wall of fame - in the background.
#MINILiving #BuiltByAll #ConceptualLiving #SaloneDelMobile18 #Milano #Advertisement #Design @mini.living MINI.com/LIVING

As some of you guys already know, I’ve been living for a long time in Paris, and now I’m also sharing my life between two more cities, Bordeaux and Nantes. These cities are metropolis densely populated where more and more new buildings appear everyday. Still, my heart also goes to the old traditional ones that reflect the souls of the cities. If I could take part, I'd love to restore them all in order to combine old and modern designs.
This is what MINI LIVING project BUILT BY ALL is all about: create our future living spaces from within by making people involved.
#MINILiving #BuiltByAll #ConceptualLiving #SaloneDelMobile18 #Milano #Advertisement #Design @mini.living

The End of all our Exploring
– Max Richter

I’ll be taking over @imaginarymagnitude this coming week and featuring some pictures I love. Can’t wait to see your submissions :)

Is there a ghost – Band of Horses

In the morning I’ll be with you
– Hior Chronick

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