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Olivia McMahon  || Home Baker | Cake Maker | Plant Lover | Winner of The Great Australian Bake Off 2016 ||

The prettiest cake I could come up with for my beautiful sister-in-law. It was such a great party. Made even more lovely by @laura_lacey_ 's styling. Happy birthday to you Shaz😘

My Nanny ❤️
You were an angel.
I'm sharing - but this is really for me.
Love you and miss you already.
Spread your wings Nanny.
I will always make your cakes and scones and biscuits and think of you every time, pinky swear. ❤️

g a r b a g e . . .
I can honestly say I have never had so much trouble making a cake. All thanks to the insane humidity in Brisbane and the rain over the last couple of days. Everything is either warped, bubbling or sagging. However Hamish, the birthday boy, loved it and didn't notice the wobbly lines so I am much happier about it all.
#garbagetruckcake #humiditysucks

Oh hello there! 🌱

a l l s h a p e s w e l c o m e
My chain of hearts plant has different shaped leaves to any others I have seen. @theplantessa spotted her for me and I love her. Does anyone know why the leaves are more arrow shaped instead of heart shaped though?

l a z y s u n d a y w i t h the k i d s
Not long after I bought this pilea it started shedding a lot of leaves. I thought I was killing it but a change of scenery to a brighter spot was all he needed.
#pileadepressa #pilea

t e s t b a k i n g . . .
means taste testing! 😊
With a big wedding cake coming up, I am testing gluten free options for the top tier. This orange and almond cake is gluten and dairy free. It is insanely moist but requires a couple of tweaks before it is going to get an invitation to the wedding.
#tastetesting #thebestpart #bakerslife

p e r f e c t i o n ... has a name-o...🍳
Give me eggs in the morning any old way and I am a happy girl... except for fried with a hard yolk - then you are dead to me, DEAD! ☠️(and yes I took a bite out of my toast while buttering it, that's what I do, every time)
#ilovewhitebread #screwthiswholemealshit😳

T Gin I F
Happy Friday Everyone!
#gin #ginandtonic #tgif

i l o v e g i n g e r 🌱
This is one of my new babies who appears to be loving his new home and growing like crazy. Hope the storm that is about to hit doesn't smash him around too much...
#ginger #gingerplant #flowering #storm

h e y p r e s t o...
parsley tagliatelle. These beautiful ribbons are going to be joined in holy pastamony with bacon, pesto, fresh basil and the reddest of red, sun ripened tomatoes along with parmesan and tonnes of cracked black pepper... the cook gets what the cook likes...😜
#homemade #parsley #pasta #tagliatelle #baconmakeseverythingbetter

green thumb meets kitchen hand 🌱+ 🍝 = 👌🏻 This pretty windowpane pasta has parsley from my garden rolled between the layers and is destined to become tagliatelle.
#homemade #parsley #pasta

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