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Olivia Jadoré  ❤ @kosta078 ~ for me my controller is a girls best friend. 🎮 ~ add me if you play Destiny ~ gamertag OliviaJadore on PS4.



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Proud trainee #gamemanianl #girlgamer 🎮❤️



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The difference between a girl who playes games and a girl who calls herself a girlgamer? Well i use the tag girlgamer.
I game since i am 7 years old, literally playing GTASA ps2 shooting everyones brains out, driving, jetpacking! I fucking loved it! 😂 I played Gta 3/Vice City/4, CODMW2 ofcourse, Saints row 2 was awesome, NintendoDS pokemon games, Computergames, Sims and a bunch of way more games i can name! I had 2 PS3'S, enjoying the PS4 now, i finished the full story of GTA Sanandreas 20 times on my 7th year till maybe 11th year without and with cheatcodes, and i can still do some cheatcodes out of my head with an controller in my hand after 11 years forreal lol! Spawn hydra, no police, 3 weapon cheats etc etc. 😄 I was a real addict since my 7th year.
Now i play Destiny, Assasins Creed, GTAV, Division, Fallout4 & Battlefield4. Im 19 now and i do use the tag girlgamer.. I did Destiny raids many times and i completed the freaking Elite Challenge on GTA V! (Complete all heists in order with the same team, no one dying in setups AND heists) Just something i'm proud of.. So am i fake now? I don't think so.... Im not just a makeup and showing half my tits kinda slut who touches a controller for the first time at the age of 18. So this is not about every girl who playes games.
I DO use the girlgamer tag.. Just to be honest and sharing with you guys and no hate! ✌🏼️-- #girlgamer #gamergirl #games #passion #mypassionforgames #dutchgamer #dutch #playstation #playstation4 #destiny #battlefield #gtav #lovegaming #lovegames #mypassion #psn

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