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Facebook told me this was two years ago today. I definitely got soaked. Sorry not sorry for posting a bunch of old photos lately. Berlin is a wild place to see some art and there’s endless stories on all of it. 🕷
The “iconic” wall in the back was blacked out by the artist (BLU) and reworked into a middle finger cos investors drove out squatters in a permanent camp with a fire (allegedly). He does all kinds of wild murals in off grid camps. There’s still a huge battle going on there with gentrification and skyrocketing rent. Lotta parallels with Nashville ~ I felt super at home here.

miss the hell out of this crazy ass ~ can’t believe how tame you are now and how much trouble we used to get into 🖤 luv my @swampxhoney

I don’t care 🍊

a lil Copenhagen magic 🧚🏻‍♀️ (June 2016) someone take me away to Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska or somewhere else far enough north to see some sunlight at midnight this summer
ps that weird lumpy thing is a whale heart and “Misty” the dinosaur is 17m long ~ 💀 🦕 ~ I climbed A LOT of spiral staircases to get that city view #veganer #København

I’ve been really sick this weekend and I still feel awful 🤒 but I organized some files and pulled some shots of Iceland 🇮🇸 from last winter to edit. Hopefully I can find the time soon to get into the hours of video footage I have.
I also dug up some scraps of old writing that I finished today. Scroll all the way if you want to read it.
Never stop learning and growing. Be there for each other, and reach out to those who seem like they’ve got it all figured out. It is always the silent who suffer the most. RIP Anthony Bourdain 🦋

I’m stuck in some weird in between feeling being back “home” for a few months. I’ve got all these plans flying around in my head
It’s hard to do one thing when you want to do everything. The world is so big and if you’re not out there expanding your mind every day, you’re missing it all.

miss you, Thailand 🇹🇭 thx to whoever put me on the roof

thankful for friends who are just as amazed as I am by water patterns, the color of moss, crazy root growth, the way light appears, and rock formations ~ maybe next time I go here it’ll be warm enough to actually swim

I love my dog for being scared of everything and making me carry him everywhere

new jacket who dis 🌈

woke up today feeling way too many emotions ~ I’ve been working too much lately. What is money even worth if you don’t have time to use it for what you really enjoy? I’d throw it all away to be naked on a beach somewhere.

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