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  voted worst morning person in high school

i miss this stupid show

sex drugs & rock n roll

gma & kerro together again

if u think i didn't cry the whole time, ur wrong 🌈

just a girl n her dawgs

something i'm learning to do these days is be patient with myself. being sad is exhausting. it's frustrating to look at the beautiful life that i live and be anything less than thankful and joyful. being far away from so many of my loved ones is exhausting. i'm consistently reminded how far flung all of my people are and i find it incredibly overwhelming. being a 22 year old woman is exhausting. i feel as though i'm constantly on the defensive and sometimes i fear i always will be. as summer fades to fall, i cant help but feel an enormous emotional shift. and i'm learning that that's okay. it's okay to be sad sometimes. it can be scary. it can be unpleasant. it can be lonely. but it's okay. and one day, it may be months down the road, it may be tomorrow, i will look back on this period of change and be at peace. it's okay to be sad sometimes. i know this is true because i know that it won't be forever. i know that i have so much joy in my heart and i have endless love to give and i know that that is the essence of who i truly am. i'm learning to be patient. and that is okay.

do u think u can rent the bouncy castle of boobs for parties?? asking for a friend

i'm here for a good time, not a long time

i think of the way that zach braff says "ellen" at 0:01 on the obc recording of she's funny that way at least 78 times a day

smilin because i'm back at ou 💕 ready for one more year of storytelling, growing, and general badassery #lastfirstday

what's left of my heart's still made of gold ✨

shutting down traxx all summer long #mirrorselfieaficionado

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