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Oliver Rowe  Chef, Author. My book, Food for All Seasons, published by Faber

A day between the kitchen and the garden - first chutney, now soil. Some honing of knives inbetween.
And all set to a playlist sent to me by a dear friend, a brother. It’s serious stuff, the soundtrack of my day... taking me hither and thither, summing up the world and laying down some heavy truths.

So much love for this woman, her pictures and her slutty toast! 😘
Thank you, @her_dark_materials for another amazing photo and for making the soup from #FoodforAllSeasons! This is the first recipe in my book, and can be pimped with all sorts of this season’s produce! Now must get down the the garden and pick some more!... :
#Repost @her_dark_materials
Autumn squash soup with pimped up toast smothered with mayo (trust me), apple and blue cheese. The soup recipe is from @oliver_rowe_london Food for All Seasons, my favourite seasonal tome, the toasts my own sluttish invention. Heaven #theeverygirlcooks #britishcheese #buzzfeastfood #hautecuisines #thefeedfeed #aseasonalshift #stylingtheseasons #thechalkboardeats #vzcomade #rusticgamestrong #imsomartha #pinkladysnapsoct18 #onthetableproject #greatbritishfood #bbcgoodfood #hyggelife #foodphotographyandstyling #deliciousfood #bonappetitmag #her_dark_materials #organicliving #astilllifestyle #thekitchn

Extraordinary light this morning as we hunted truffles near San Giminiano.
@corzanoepaterno #tuscany #italy #🇮🇹 #truffle

Cipolle misti... a melange of onions, but mostly large salad onions cropped a month or so ago and left to dry out. Prep for a big batch of the green tomato chutney recipe in my book - with the addition of a dash of tumeric and missing the mace (couldn’t find it in Tuscany). May get a spot of mustard extract next week to try a mostarda version. Waiting now at Pisa airport for my flight back to London on a short, impromptu visit...

After the rain. Looking out from the cantina over the hills around the farm the other day.
#tuscany #italy #winemaking #integratedfarming #realfood

The result of a really great project!
Bravo, @stevenjoycephoto, @ohjo_creative, @bexseal, @elayna, @leonrestaurants, @octopus_books_, and all the gang!

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Happy one-pot cooking season.🍂 To celebrate, we have our brand new cookbook called Happy One Pot, out in the next hour. ⏰

Our mission has always been to make it easier for everyone to eat well. So here's a cookbook we've written with @BexSeal this Autumn, to do so. This one even helps you minimise on washing up too.

There's a Hindu story that pictures the universe as a web of jewels, all interconnected with string. Each jewel has its own brilliance but also reflects & refracts the brilliance of all the other jewels. Each jewel enhances the whole. And that's what one-pot cooking is about. We think. & We hope you love both the journey and the destination.

Thank you to the gang @oliver_rowe_london for cooking @StevenJoycePhoto for the beautiful photos, @ohjo_creative for the fab design, @WaitroseAndPartners for lining us up on your shelves and @octopus_books_ for putting up with us 😉

#onepotcooking #HappyOnePot #onepotmeal

@oliver_goldschmidtknives at work in his workshop by the house here at @corzanoepaterno.

Cucumbers on the kitchen windowsill. These are being saved for seed for next year. I didn’t know they went these lovely colours - incredibly autumnal. #tuscany #autumn #homegrown #kitchengarden #grownforseed

Grape picking yesterday. My hands are still stained by the juice as I sit on the train to Turin, heading for @slowfood_international’s biennial expo and conference, @terramadre_salonedelgusto that is on now. The tracks hug the coastline as we head towards Genoa, flitting in and out of tunnels, offering flashes of sun, glittering sea, rock and bathers like scenes from a sped up film. The changing cast of tourists using the train as a hop-on, hop-off seaside service provide a soft, rhythmical narrative - nodding heads, drooping eyes, crying babies and the usual, low-level drama at every station.
#slowfood #🇮🇹 #turin #salonedelgusto #terramadre

Just your average morning table in the Corzano e Paterno household... end of the season but the veg keep on coming. I’m picking grapes this afternoon. We went to get my work permit earlier, I’ve had a plate of bread, cheese and oil from the Fattoria, a glass of the chianti and I’m ready to go!
#🇮🇹 #cheesemaking #making #winemaking #oliveoil

I would like to say these were the fruits of my labour but there was very little that was laborious about growing them. I found two unplanted seedlings peeking up at me from one of the beds in my garden earlier this year so I transplanted them to somewhere with a bit more space, watered them lots, deadheaded them a little bit, and this is what I was left with. Bingo.
I post this waiting to board my plane to Italy as I set out on a year-long trip to Tuscany, where I’ll be making cheese, wine and olive oil with @rapunzel.paterno and her family at La Fattoria @corzanoepaterno, just south of Florence. I was there in the spring of 2017 for a week and vowed to go back as soon as possible. My work at Dartington meant that took a little longer than expected, but the time has come and it is only now that it is starting to sink in. I can hardly wait to get there, there are grapes to pick and a glut of tomatoes to cook, and my work starts first thing tomorrow, but I’m also very sad to leave London behind, all the people I love there, my flat and, of course, my garden.
So, for the next twelve months I’ll be posting pictures of the Tuscan countryside as the seasons pass, of the amazing produce we grow on the farm and how we turn it all into delicious things to eat and drink. Sorry. #🇮🇹

Delicious canapés last night by @raastawala at the launch of @kemblehouse, the lovely new South London studio recently set up by @stevenjoycephoto. Now the interior has been painted exactly the right shade of white, the doors are officially open and what a lovely space it is, with plenty of elbow room and a great kitchen. These little marvels, puri and gyoza, were gorgeous too - it was a lovely evening all round with fantastic cocktails too! Bravo Steve, and good luck!

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