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"I would not be alive if you were not my mom for two reasons: 1. I would not be born. 2. I love you so much." -Dash, 9 // I have been working with Dash all year on the importance of structuring cohesive arguments in his writing: Thesis, followed by 2-3 supporting arguments. Good news is that it is sticking. Sort of. That is all I can ask for: That a little bit of what I say gets through to him. // Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms, aunts, sisters, grandmothers out there who care for others around you. Your patience, love, and sacrifice does not go unnoticed.

God! Today was beautiful. AND THERE WERE SEALS! The west is beckoning!

Dude! Seals!! Because I couldn't hug them, I took a "trying to look cool and calm" selfie. But let's be real. Anyone cool doesn't take a selfie with seals.

"A purpose driven life solves a lot of problems." - Vice President Joe Biden // So honored to experience a day of inspiration at the Fortune #brainstormhealth conference. It was one of those days when I realize how lucky I am to work with amazing people @celmatix to make a meaningful impact on the world. Plus San Diego is freakin' beautiful!

One of those magic afternoons. The weather was perfect. The trees were at peak bloom. It was as if the universe was reminding me of what really matters.

"I love Dash." - Ruby, 6 // "She's okay." - Dash, 9

"This room really would be more impressive if they just showed 'Single Ladies' on every screen." -@lencicki

Wild eyes

"Mom, for Christmas, I want a baby brother or sister." - Ruby, 6 // Um, no. Instead I will fly you to Minneapolis often to visit your cousin, where you can treat him like a sibling.

When @lencicki and I were talking about getting hitched, I told him I wanted to have at least two kids. "What about one and a cat?" was where he started. It was hard for him, an only child, to understand the magical power of siblings. I cannot imagine life without @jennyjennjenlee and she brings me certainly more joy than a cat ever could :) Happy #siblingday!

When they aren't bickering, they are pretty awesome. Welcome to the "Brooklyn is pretty amazing" time of the year.

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