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"When I grow up, I want to be a mommy and a ninja." - Ruby, 6 // Happy happy 6th birthday to my fierce little princess! May you leave a trail of nay-sayers in your wake as you strive for greatness. And may you never lose the confidence that you show when making your piranha face.

"I did my bored look so I looked cooler." -Ruby, 5 // Meet Ruby, the precocious teenager.

Politically correct graffiti

I spend a lot of time talking to women about their fertility and how it factors into career and long-term work/life balance. The #1 question I get is "What should I be doing today to safeguard my options in the future?" Here are three things you should do in 2017 to preserve optionality. Link in the bio.

Walking through a demolished building, one small glimpse of hope. #HowIFeelToday

"This is the time where every good person has an obligation both to continue being heard and to continue doing the right thing. We can't afford for a president to fail. And it is true … that we have to support that which he does which is right and help guide him to those right decisions." Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor // The march was amazing. And then I got to eat sticky rice a few feet from this inspirational woman. Today was pretty damn good.

So proud to be a part of march that was filled with inspiration and good energy. My favorite chant: "We need a leader, not a creepy tweeter."

A sign that perfectly reflects how I feel today.

Today cements my love and respect for @michelleobama44 and @hillaryclinton . May this day inspire a new generation of women to take action. We all need to remember the pain that we felt on election night and again today so we never lose sight of what we must do to protect our rights and the rights of our daughters. Ruby needs to grow up in a world that treats her equally, protects her body, and promises her opportunity. We must be stronger than we have ever been.

#standup with @plannedparenthood and @ntnl. "You all here are the protectors of kindness. You are here for my daughter." Amen!

Celebrating @plannedparenthood with @common. An amazing start to #womensmarchonwashington weekend. Standing strong. "Not here to cause no drama. I just love Obama!"

An exciting day @Celmatix. We announced Fertilome, the world's first comprehensive genetic test for fertility. Now women can manage their fertility proactively, while there is time to act. Check out our coverage on @refinery29 , @cnn , and @techcrunch. Link in my profile!