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ELIZABETH G ERICKSON  stay open ❉ curious treasure seeker + petal pusher ❉ mami to olive & fox + wife in seattle, wa : | : βœ‰οΈ [email protected] : | : @the_pineshop

that's our boy @vashondon! πŸ• we do it for the 'zaw πŸ˜‰ this guy snipped the family cold with a case of the crawlers this weekend #FoxHendrix

one little boy is sleeping his cold away, while a little girl nips her fever back down. I ran out at 5 this morning for more juicing supplies and another thermometer and have been wiping noses and giving back rubs ever since. kinda floating but it's kinda fine on a rainy day like today. the quiet that comes with sick babies has propelled me into lengthy garden plans in my journal, sifting through seed packets I've been collecting to see what I can start right now and picking a woman's green thumb that I admire very much. also, what are some of your favorite things to do with dried roses? {thank you @bonjormoon for turning me onto @bakercreekseeds & @thisburtonlife to the April In Paris sweet peas!} 🌸🌿

just a couple of cheesy hearts πŸŒΉπŸ• #thepizzawhore

all of my Valentines are sick today, so we canceled all of our plans and I pushed petals for the day and made this wreath. dinner at Beulah's (Brian's grandmother) was on the docket. it was my turn to bring the Chardonnay and my turn to make the dinner. and let me tell you, this new weekly tradition I do with the kids has quickly become a treasure. it truly is one of the highlights of my week ⚑️ limited cell reception (πŸ˜‰), stories of another time, the low-down on cross stitch, single stitch and every single stitch + various lost arts that leave me so intrigued. the elders in my life feel like some of the richest and warmest relationships right now. my forever in my heart my Valentines ❀ happiest day to you and You and yours, friends 🌹

I love you as the stars love you, constant and bright above you. I love you as the moon loves you, forever, and ever, and always πŸŒ™βœ¨πŸ”₯@vashondon #heartkeep #pnw

my funny Valentine πŸ’ #FoxHendrix

the sun is back again, begging us to come out and sink our hands into the dirt, plotting the planting + the pruning. I'm listing a few items into @the_pineshop + we're putting little notions of thoughtfulness together for our flowery mission tomorrow. I've been missing petal-pushing so much since having to stop freelance around this time last year. I know now that there's a season for everything and that along with needing to arrange them, smell them, hold them, know them, this is my chapter in learning to grow them. until then, sporadic flowers for my loved ones and heavenly burning desires for me (courtesy of @lelabofragrances) 🌸🌿 #allinduetime #lelabofragrances

if you're in Seattle, you know how good this sun feels. every cell of my body has been craving it. I've gotten to spend today with just My Girl while the boys brewed beer. we shopped for produce + flowers + planned our spring garden. we found a juicer that I have been keeping my eyes peeled for over the years and have spent this warm winter sun of an afternoon making pretty concoctions and pushing petals for the week ahead + prepping melanzane alla parmigiana (eggplants parma style) from the old Italian Reginal Cooking book my grandmother just passed on to me 🌸🌿 are any of you getting into mischief this week in the name of love?

scoping the primroses on our girl's only day date 🌼 mami, Olive & "Baby Cheese" #theroyalpit

I've got one winter coat left via @the_pineshop - a 1970's American made + Eastland wool dreamboat of a Betty. I don't post much here about it but it's where I'm the most active these days and after a long winter break, it's been fun to get back to! I'm so grateful to those of you that try me once, and then try me twice! 🌸 Floral Fridays 🌸 will be making a come-back as Spring nears closer, but until then enjoy the hodge podge of seasonal inventory suiting weather varieties worldwide πŸ’« want to see what's still available? check out the #tpsavailable tag! #thepineshop

so damn happy it's Friday because we miss our Papi and are looking forward to the flea market tomorrow πŸ€— but at least this guys gives me "The Look" just like him 😍 #foxhendrix

Seattle folk! what are you doing for the loves in your life this Valentine's Day? @sarajanecamacho of @thatchfloral is making my florist heart swell with her incredible arrangements of heirloom florals + botanicals πŸ’ get your selfie, sweetie, bestie, sissy, mami, granny, papi, midwife, doula, nanny, neighbor, local grocer clerk or UPS Guy πŸ˜‰ covered at the THATCH popup at C.C, Filson Co. in Ballard, Valentine's Day - February 14th from 12 - 8 πŸŒΏπŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒΏ #seattleflorist #supportyourlocalgirlgang