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As an office supply junkie/stationary aficionado, this so deeply offends me that I am at a loss for words. Duct tape as a file folder label- what kind of monster would do this?! #lookatyourlife #lookatyourchoices #whohurtyou

What a wonderful birthday weekend! I got to have a sleepover in the country, watch the royal wedding, and have brunch with my nearest and dearest today! Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this weekend so great! I’m lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

I pet this little thing last night and it was like petting velvet.

Happy Spring! Got my white tights on to celebrate the sunshine! #justkidding #thesearemylegs #whowearswhitetights #notme #becauseimnotachild #andthisisnt1960 #imsopale

Happy #adoptashelterpet Day to this kitty! When I was looking at her at the shelter, she got so excited she was practically slamming her head against the enclosure to get to me. I asked them to take her out, partially because I was afraid she was going to get a concussion. She never went back in. Girlfriend played the long con.

Today I went to cat yoga and I got to snuggle the most adorable kitten ever and then it fell asleep on my chest.

Filing just got real interesting!

Date night tip: match your lipstick to your cupping bruises for a fun springtime look!

Ring Road at Delaware Park is part of the resistance.

“I’m conducting a sit-in to protest you making the bed! This is my fight song!” -Luna

Luna went to the ANTM school of kitty modeling. #torbiesofinstagram #smizing

Really loving all of the different types of bunnies on this year’s Easter table! #mainecoonstagram

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