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Olivia Hsu  Climbing and Yoga lover💕 prAna 🔸zeal optics 🔸epic bar 🔸all good brand🔸sterling ropes🔸fiveten 🔸Bronwen jewelry🔸wonderpress


Exploring new crags is one of my favorite things to do.. Spain never fails to disappoint in this department.. endless amounts of amazing rock and an all ⭐️ crew. Bielsa, Spain. Image by @jeffrueppel @bignabuchli @millerd13 @michthek @prana @zealoptics @sterlingrope @petzl_official @fiveten_official @epicbar @voodooclimbing @bronwenjewelry @allgoodbrand #climbing #lifeisrad #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #outdoors #spain #bielsa #zeal #passion #instagood #inspiration

Milking every last drop out of life.. At the end of the day it's the quality of time that I spend with my family and friends that is the single most important thing to me. The memories of packing up in the dark after a long day of climbing not so much the climbing itself is burnt into my head and the epic good times had! Thanks @davidcliffordphotography for the great shot! @prana @petzl_official @fiveten_official @allgoodbrand @epicbar @zealoptics @sterlingrope @bronwenjewelry @voodooclimbing #outdoors #spain #lifeisrad #climbing @dailaojeda

Go fast take chances.. going full throttle in the desert 🌵 .. a few weeks back. Learning to ride moto baby steps style 👶 Thanks @botsyphillips for getting me out of my comfort zone in more ways then one.. photo by @ben_duke_media -------------------------------------@prana @fiveten_official @zealoptics @allgoodbrand @bronwenjewelry @sterlingrope @petzl_official @voodooclimbing @adventuremedicalkits #lifeisrad #outdoors #fruita #mountains #mountainbike #instagood #inspiration #moto

Enjoying the super classics at El Falco, Arboli Spain. Doesn't get much better then this.. 40m of perfect limestone.. great people and the view of Suirana doesn't suck either😉 🙏for the image and company @ahogelvegas --------------------------------------------@prana @zealoptics @petzl_official @fiveten_official @sterlingrope @bronwenjewelry @allgoodbrand @adventuremedicalkits @voodooclimbing @epicbar #outdoorwomen #brandofthebrave #lifeisrad #climbing #climb #spain #catalunya #suirana #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #outdoors

On my way back to this magical place.. the first time I climbed in Suirana was 20 years ago. It's amazing how the face of the rock will stay static and pretty much never change over time but the person climbing it will. I can't help but be maudlin thinking about how beautiful climbing is. That when I am gone there will be other people years to come climbing the same routes touching the same holds that I once touched.. experiencing the same joy that I've had climbing.. and in the end we are all connected in this big world like little dominoes. Image by: @jeffrueppel _______________________________________@prana @zealoptics @fiveten_official @allgoodbrand @bronwenjewelry @sterlingrope @petzl_official @voodooclimbing @adventuremedicalkits @epicbar @sharmaclimbingbcn #climbing #outdoors #rockclimbing #passion #spain #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #instagood #lifeisrad #mindfulness #outdoorwomen #brandofthebrave

Excited to see the Third series practicing chart out @ashtangadispatch @prana @bronwenjewelry @zealoptics @voodooclimbing @epicbar @allgoodbrand @fiveten_official @petzl_official @sterlingrope #ashtanga #lifeisrad #passion #inspiration #yoga #yogaglo #yogapose @yogaglo #yogaeverydamnday. #Repost @ashtangadispatch with @repostapp
Ashtanga Dispatch Magazine || Issue 3 || Excerpt with @olicow
@meghanreuck and I bundled up in sweatpants and fleece as we headed out for this photo shoot. After all, it was just 60 degrees outside - though it felt even colder in the barn, where Meghan was set up to photograph.
It was Olivia who suggested we go out there and just photograph as she practiced. With NO do-overs and a white paper covering her mat.
I thought she was crazy. (She might be!) I know we said we were going for REAL and NOT perfect - but even this set up was a long way from both, and in the OPPOSITE direction.
But we all also wanted to ride the 4-wheelers that day and head out to the lake with our SUP boards after it warmed up. (It actually ended up hailing on us at the lake!! #truestory 😳😆)
As Olivia tells it in this next issue - climbing is her passion. Her asana practice is like brushing her teeth. It's something she does every day because it keeps her healthy - in every way. But yoga is not her life. Or let me rephrase: HER ASANA PRACTICE is not her life!
So I guess that's how she could be so casual about the photos. She didn't care how it looked. Besides, this is only a demonstration and not at all a teaching tool.
This was her practice that morning and as Olivia will tell you, it's different every day. Some days after climbing, very stiff. Other days, not as stiff. So ALL days, just practice with the body (and apparently the setting) you're dealt with that day.

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I wonder if @yogajournal treats her better ... #dontanswer
#ashtangadispatch3 #ashtanga #thirdseries #fordemonstrationonly #meghanpowellphotography

It's easy to take for granted the things in our lives that are commonplace. Grateful to be able to scamper up the first flatiron in my backyard a small reminded to myself that everyday is a gift. Thank you @botsyphillips for the photo and #lifeisrad tour🙏❤ @prana @zealoptics @bronwenjewelry @allgoodbrand @petzl_official @sterlingrope @fiveten_official @adventuremedicalkits @voodooclimbing @epicbar #climbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #boulder #colorado #inspiration #firstflatiron #outdoors #outdoorwomen

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous ~Aristotle. Time and time again I've often wondered why we are drawn to be outside.. to climb, hike, ride, camp.. to be in the outdoors. Our bodies crave this. Living things have a constant electric connection with the Earth and over time our modern lifestyle has disconnected us from this natural energy. We live in houses.. wear shoes.. sleep in a bed. Our bodies were meant to come in contact with the Earth on a regular basis. Reconnect with the subtle healing power of the Earth 🌎 Get outside.. walk barefoot through the grass.. sleep in the dirt.. It's the best stress reliever around and it's free! Reconnecting and enjoying a grounding moment with @chelseanicholerude in Mammoth hot springs.. 📷@alexaristei @prana @zealoptics @epicbar @petzl_official @fiveten_official @sterlingrope @allgoodbrand @adventuremedicalkits @voodooclimbing @bronwenjewelry #prana #zeal #inspiration #grounding #earthing #nature #flashfoxy #healing #earth

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