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Olia Hercules  London author || Ukraine|| F&M Award-winning, best-selling cookbook Mamushka in most indie book stores. New book #Kaukasis below ⛰


Iso ace when my playlist and what I see compliment each other. Brian Eno’s Golden Hours in my ears and light scurrying through the train carriage made for some trippy viewing...✨🍭✨ #mesmerised

On the train to #norwich I thumb through my favourite newspaper supplement @guardian #weekend and find #Kaukasis as a recommended Christmas gift in the food section. Just clocked @lopeariyo #Hibiscus is on the other side of the page - hello, Lope! So proud! 😃 I hope if you do get it for someone - they will like it. If you want it signed and also want to eat bring your book to dinner at @dock_kitchen on Dec 12 or @pear.tree.cafe on Dec 14 I’ll be cooking, but also will come and say hello and sign and chat 💭 💛💙

This Sunday @obsfood features some insane looking panto characters. @andioliver is the fairy godmother, I am Cinderella (in rags) and gorgeous @jeremyleeqv and @richardhturner are the ugly sisters. I actually thought they turned out quite beautiful, at least before they were crowned with a bonnet. :) 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️⛑✨👸🏽 dont miss it!! #observerfoodmonthly

Today @cherrybombemag is airing a podcast they recorded with me about #Kaukasis. Haven’t listened to it, it may have been quite an empassioned conversation with @hestercant ... 🍸photo by: @elenaheatherwick 📷

Finally! Taking care of myself. Did a five hour house clean/tidy/nesting action today. And fed myself a proper lunch instead of...nothing. Thank you for all the advise reg borlotti beans (PS they are incredible, go to @leilas_shop and get!) I actually had three of my home-grown pattypant squashes. They’ve been in my kitchen for two months and I nearly threw them away (moron). Then decided to peel them and see. They were perfectly fine! Flesh glistening with sugary juices. I browned them really well in a casserole dish, caramelised lots of shallots in oil, and joined them together, added a tin of tomatoes and the same of water, cooked it all down. The next day Sasha and I podded borlotti beans and boiled them, then added to the veg stew with some chopped chard. Served with a slick of @belazu_co olive oil, some lemon zest and chopped tired tarragon from the fridge alongside a super simple watercress salad and @thesnapery bread, which is just my favourite bread...ever. @joe_woodhouse I have all of this for your dinner when you finally return 💚 #borlottibeans #pattypants #allotment #plot10b

I spoke to Tima @djudjustan_ a month or so ago and she has written an article about Kaukasis for a new @condenast @bakumag in #Azerbaijan There is also a recipe for my Ossetian pie. The link to the article is on #bakumag profile, the link to #Kaukasis which has many more recipes is in my profile. PS I will be making shakh plov on @saturday.kitchen with Michel Roux Jr on December 9th, I hope you tune in as it’s a really special recipe. Photo by: @elenaheatherwick 📷

I got really attracted to these fine looking beans at @leilas_shop today. Any idea what I should do with them? Slow cook? Also got these fantastic, soft, flavoursome Iranian dates and salted almonds which I am planning to stuff into the dates and have when I need a fix for something sweet. Also got good 🍋 and muscat grapes for my son (he loves both! Eats lemons as they are, sliced,skin and all). I did when I was little too, but with a liberal sprinkling of sugar, he goes just pure lemon! 🙊 PS also thank you everyone for your #borsch comments, they are invaluable!

BORSCH ❓ (in English below). Дорогенькi Украiiнцi, будь ласка, роскажiть менi про ваш регiональний борщ. На пiвднi вiн рожевий (ми використуемо ‘борщевий буряк’) i iнодi з гiгантською галушкою, що рiжеться наче хлiб! А у вас?|| Dear Ukrainians (but also Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, anyone who grew up with borsch - in their home countries and out) what kind of borsch did you grow up with? It is such a complex beautiful dish, that not only varies within Ukraine but all over the ex-Soviet countries and I bet has been adapted by immigrants wherever they ended up. Would be fascinating to find out more about your versions. Where I’m from (Kherson region) it is pink in colour as we use a special, pale type of beetroot and a lot of tomatoes. We also used to make it with a giant galushka dumpling, poached in borsch like bread and then sliced. Would be so interesting to hear from you. ‼️ #borsch #borshch #борщ #ukraine

I am honoured to have been picked as one of cookbooks of the year by Bee Wilson in The #TimesLiterarySupplement alongside the inspirational @syria_recipesfromhome whose advance has gone to help those in Syria. I highly recommend you put #syriarecipesfromhome on your Christmas wishlist or gift it to someone. Photo by @kitchenbee7 (thank you again, Bee)

Bit shouldery with my #khanuma. So pleased with how it all went. Thank you so much for having me again @breadandflowers #kaukasis photo by: @joe_woodhouse 📷

I made an Azerbaijani chicken broth today called khanuma. It’s different because it’s served with home-made pasta that is rolled out thin, moistened with chicken fat and covered with deeply amber caramelised onions. Then it is rolled into a sausage..and cut into dumplingly-type things. Poached separately from the broth and served in it. I used the incredible @wessexmill 00 flour - coarsely ground, it has the best texture ever. Wouldn’t want to use any other now. Recipe for this is in #kaukasis

In love with this gin from the Isle of Wight. It’s called #mermaidgin 🧜‍♀️ it’s distilled by @isleofwightdistillery using hand-picked samphire, grains of Paradise, orris root and other botanicals. I love simple cocktails, so we are just doing g&ts with a few sprigs of samphire in it. It’s savoury and does have a hint of the 🌊

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