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Olia Hercules  London author || Ukraine|| F&M Award-winning, best-selling cookbook Mamushka in most indie book stores and Amazon. 2nd book #Kaukasis - August 10th πŸ—»


Leaving herbs from #georgia to dry as going away for a while. Here ombalo, dill and coriander with their flowers and young green coriander seeds... thank you @cellodancer X

Friends, 1st August @boroughmarket is holding a special Voices At The Table event in support of Trader Support Fund - to help them recover after the horrid event that we all know about. There will be discussions (Claudia Roden will be there!!), music, etc. @rocketandsquash will be there and so will I, among other great speakers, musicians and actors. (but....Claudia Roden!) It's only 15 quid, please come! Tickets on @boroughmarket #voicesatthetable

When my son goes to stay at my parents in the summer, the first thing he does in the morning with my mum is to hit the cucumber vines. She taught him how to scrape off the prickles with the hand. Then crunch there and then, they feel warm, not watery at all, smell amazing. I managed to grow some here from seeds my mum brought from home. On my way home and cannot wait to show them to Sash! #plot10b

Did a shoot for @deliciousmag with @elenaheatherwick and @ellatarn today. Was stressing out a bit, as havent been there for a while, and havent arranged for dream shed situation, everyone elses allotments so tidy. But! It's my first year, I'll make it neater next summer. Some of my bounty here - purslane, borage, lovage, chard and siamese twin pattypant squashes. Making my gran's courgette and potato stew thing with the pattypants tonight. (Recipe for this is in #Mamushka) Off on a proper holiday tonight with son, parents, @joe_woodhouse and extended family and friends! @o.timoshka2 @borsch_and_no_tears we are coming!!! #fromwhereistand #Kaukasis #Plot10B #allotmentlife #allotment

Hello friends, the tickets are live for my fifth @carousel_ldn residency (starting August 8th), and it will be special. @cellodancer is bringing some amazing things with her from #Georgia including unique herbs, spices and pickles. It coincides with the release of my second cookbook #Kaukasis so will be the most special one yet! || if you are in London this and net week - I highly recommend you go eat @carousel_ldn current residents food. They are from Melbourne and their food looks amazing and the wine is πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ @foodwinepopup

We found a place in Eastern Georgia where to celebrate us next summer with our crazy friends and family. It's in a forest surrounded by massive hills. I cannot wait. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

@joe_woodhouse photographing the #alazanivalley in #Georgia but some things dont translate.... you must come here to see it and feel it (sorry for being so cheesy and excited)

I read this book when I was twelve. I wrote multiple dessertation essays on it later on. Still one of my favourites and I found it lying on @pheasantstears table (currently being read by @cellodancer ) #greatminds etc #Bulgakov #MasterAndMargarita #SoldMySoulForLove

An insane cloud strip and Enek Peterson aka @cellodancer in #alazanivalley on our way to @pheasantstears #Georgia

@cellodancer Enek Peterson is cooking for us again at @vinounderground #Tbilisi and I am in heaven. The juiciest yellow beans, cooked down with figs, fresh wild thyme (kondari or zaatar) and beetroot powder from @spicemountainuk I bought for her at @boroughmarket Enek is cooking with me for the launch week of #Kaukasis at @carousel_ldn August 8-12 Tickets released next Wednesday. Hope to see you there! πŸ’š

A cornucopia of plums. All colours, sizes, levels of acidity, aromas #tbilisi #georgia #tkemali If you have never been to Georgia, you must go. If you are a keen home or professional cook - you must go to this market #DesertersMarket

Watermelons and churchkhela (nuts inside grape must) lined up at the #DesertersMarket in #tbilisi #georgia

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