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Olia Hercules  London author || Ukraine|| F&M Award-winning, best-selling cookbook Mamushka below and in most indie book stores. 2nd book Kaukasis out August 10th πŸ—»


Thank you again!!! @bakeronboarduk So awesome!!! Photo by: @bakeronboarduk

My son is five tomorrow. Celebrating today. I cannot believe it. And look at this cake made by @bakeronboarduk Just so cool, John you are a star - thank you so much!!!! #whereHasTheTimeGone #DeathStar #DeathStarCake #StarWars

#allotment picnic with my son, his cousins, Stan and @joe_woodhouse The kids did some excellent work after - unprompted and super enthusiastic. Sonlovely to be outside. Hope a lot of you are doing the same.πŸ’šπŸŒ±βœ¨πŸ”₯🌞 #Plot10B

For dinner we had our first #asparagus of the year on top of a gribiche type thing and some simple but tasty salad leaves. πŸ’š

I remember there was a fashion in the 1980s in Ukraine for something we called 'indiyskiy' or 'chayniy grib' (Indian fungus). It was a drink and it reminded me of the more familiar kvass (Russian fermented rye bread drink). Everybody used to make it,and then the fashion died down. I have been sniggering at kombucha for some time now (I didn't know what it was)... until I tried some and realised it was the familiar offender from the 80s...except now it was lovely green tea rather than the rubbish black that we could procure and ferment at the time. I am slightly obsessed with it now (I love the sour flavour). But the bastard is so expensive to buy! Whoever has read this until the end - do you have a little scoby and some tips on making it for me please? Can swap for some Georgian spices or something. #kombucha #refreshing #teafungus

#stanleythewhippet is one elegant beast. πŸ’™ #whippetsofinstagram

#KhaoSoi one with chicken and one with tofu for our vegetarian. Aromatic coconut broth, boiled noodles, chicken/tofu - garnished with crispy noodles, coriander, lime, pickled mustard greens and sliced shallots. #NorthernThailand #ChangMai #ChangMaiNoodles ~ Full recipe in previous post.

Tonight I am making one of my most favourite noodle dishes of all time - khao soi (from Northern Thailand). My son Sasha's great aunt Goong took us to the best place in Chiang Mai a few years ago. Basically you put over fire (or gas hob) - ginger, fresh turmeric, whole shallots and garlic until the roots are charred and shallots and garlic are soft. ~ Peel the latter and blitz them with the charred ginger, turmeric, reconstituted aromatic chillies, toasted coriander and cumin seeds into a paste. ~ Then bring coconut milk to gentle boil and cook until it splits (will have an oily film at the top). Then throw in the paste you've made, and some chicken legs (bone in) or firm tofu (for veggies). Season with soy and fish sauce. Cook until chicken is cooked and tender (about 20 mins) and sauce has thickened. Boil and refresh some Chinese wheat noodles (and deep fry a handful for garnish). ~ Pour the sauce over boiled noodles and garnish with crispy ones. Serve with fresh coriander, fermented mustard greens, sliced raw shallots, lime wedges and more chilli paste. It is one of the tastiest things in the world. #Thailand #ChiangMai #KhaoSoi #KhaoSoiGai #Noodles #Burma

Kind of mind-blowing to hold the actual cover in my hands. Love the gilded torquoise (?) title letters #Kaukasis It is out on August 10th and should coincide with my residency at @carousel_ldn so you will be able to come taste the food as well alread about it.

Oh joy! We will have #gooseberries ! Cannot to wait to think of different ways of using them (we normally only ever made jam with them in Ukraine). Thank you so much for your suggestions for gardeners to follow here on IG and for the seed websites. Please do keep them coming! I don't care how many followers these people may have (it can be as little as 10!) just looking for some gardening advise/inspiration and friendliness and to build up our community further. 🌱 #Plot10B

Dear allotment folk + gardeners I am just finishing the first few entries for an allotment beginner (as that's what I am) blog I will be doing for @deliciousmag I would love to include IGer gardener accounts that are worth following. I already have a few (thank you all for previously recommending) but if there are more - I would love to give a list in my blog posts along with sites where one can buy great organic seeds. Please help! And thank you again, I had so much to say and a lot of it was triggered by your advise in February. πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒΏ #Plot10B

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