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Olia Hercules  London author || Ukraine|| F&M Award-winning, best-selling cookbook Mamushka below and in most indie book stores. 2nd book Kaukasis out August 10th 🗻


Dear @thomeagle thank you so much again for the scoby! Our first experiment with #kombucha making was a great success...Well my mum whipped it up while we were away. It is delicious and effervescent as it is, but we are doing some secondary fermentation action now - one with raspberries and currants from the allotment and one with ginger. Also replenishing the mothership (going to try a mix of Darjeeling and pearl green tea). It's just such a lovely refreshing drink, reminds me of kvass we used to drink as kids. Thank you @oliver_rowe_london for delivering it to us, glad yours is working too! If anyone needs a scoby I will have some extras soon!

Mum @olgagrebenyuk84 made one of my favourites from #mamushka - mushroom broth, this time with super feathery dumplings. I went a bit crazy at the @spicemountainuk stall at @boroughmarket and bought lots of wonderful thigs (including lemon myrtle @anastasiazolotarev !! Will add to the dukkah) I sprinkled some Ume Plum Sesame Seeds on top (so good!!) ~ SpiceMountain has an insane collection of spices...all it needs is a Georgian section 😬 #Kaukasis #LoveBorough #Georgia #BlueFebugreek #RedAdjikaSalt

Was going to do an online shop for a job on Friday but decided to #LoveBorough instead. You all may have heard about the government being shitty about recognising it as terror attack slowing down insurance. Well these guys here are not getting anything back, even with recognition - their insurer will not cover terrorist attack. Not so nice guys... @turnipsborough @boroughmarket

Boiled eggs are underestimated (the only way I enjoy to eat the whites too). I boiled them, @joe_woodhouse put them on top of humus and pickled @belazu_co Zahter (wild thyme), sprinkled over some sumac and topped with a nest of fennel fronds. PS there is a new food market at #VictoriaPark @victoriaparkmkt Sunday selling some really good produce and also food stalls. Morning!

I cannot believe it. Away for two weeks shitting my (patty)pants that everything will be either scorched or eaten by bastard snails at the #allotment...but it's all alive!!! Thriving crazy jungle (thank you Tom Jones and your organic animal shit from Wales). Mum and I spent three hours weeding today (our wrists are sore) BUT the seeds Ive randomly scattered are now strong and sterdy sorrel, borage, nasturtium and purslane plants. My pattypant squash plant is massive and pregnant with six squashes. The 🥒 is half dead but I think I can save them (flowers are on!). There is also a massive horseradish plant, sweet cicely, lemon verbena, ginger rosemary, ginger mint, red and black currants, gooseberries, ripe plums and ripening apples and pears, lovage, rhubarb, chard which is about to burst into a million seeds. I honestly thought it would be barren and tumble weeds rolling. Thank you crazy heat wave! I am so lucky and so elated and encouraged and want to keep going. Read in more detail on my @deliciousmag allotment blog end of the week. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh #IFeelHigh #IDidntKillMyShizzle #Plot10B #AlexandraPalace

Interested in upcoming food and restaurant trends - come to @foylesforbooks at #CharingCross today for 2pm to hear us talk. The panel is - the brilliant @zoeadjonyoh and @emmaspitzer and me. @octopus_books @evening.standard @LondonFoodMonth

The advance copy is here and it's a beauty (butteflies in stomach). Thank you @octopus_books for everyone's hard work and @elenaheatherwick for the amazing photos, friends and family in Caucasus - thank you for the recipes, your time, your stories. #Kaukasis is out August 10th May do a little video of the inside pages...I really hope you like it. A lot of sweat, tears/laughs and hard work went into this one. #Caucasus #Georgia #Azerbaijan #Armenia

Finally after a seven hour drive we are home. So good to be back with my son and my mum...she cooked an all time favourite - something we called sous (sauce) - its caramelised onions, potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes, sour cream and garlic all cooked down together creating a rather lovely thing into which to dip your bread into. The recipe is in #Mamushka Thank you mum for having my back, thank you @joe_woodhouse for doing the same. Would have totally collapsed without them. 💙 #kabachki

Quails in #France have heads! Cooking our last dinner with team @biginfrance2 Marinated quails in spiced yoghurt (roasting the heads to make a we gravy); also on menu - wood oven roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce and @anastasiazolotarev amazing Aussie dukka with myrtle and macadamia (Thank you!!!); apricot,nectarine,red onion,rhubarb, tarragon and lime salsa; Ossetian pies with herbs,raclette and feta, flatbreads with sesame seeds; radish and cule salad; bonite 🐟 stuffed with herbs and garlic heads; lettuce salad; brownies with sales caramel centre. (So much work 😳but fun!) #DontDoThingsByHalves

I highly highly recommend this book. (Thank you @joe_woodhouse for it). "This is my last paragraph but I can form no conclusions: the Caucasus, Georgia, would make a fool out of anyone with the temerity of prediction. I can say though that things do not always get better and that sometimes they get worse and most often they just stay the same. It is depressing and true and universal: there is nothing to be done about it. The best we can do is to respect our family, love our friends, open a bottle of wine, drink it, and then open another one." Wendell Steavenson

Let me tell you, this was more than photography and cookery classes, it was an incredible life experience. Here is the legendary @stowellroger - swearing like a sailor, telling colourful stories from his bohemian youth in the 60s and 70s, teaching photography in the most animated, fantastic way. In the evenings everyone cooks feasts with me, I teach technique, knife skills, cooking on fire. Then all the eating, drinking, so lucky with the company again - everyone that came is such a character. Last night tonight. Come next year! @biginfrance

Blooming algae in #Niort could be tree bark.

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