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Oli  Saved & Amazed. His Mercy. His Majesty. Mama.VisualStoryteller.Scientist.Dreamer. See Marbles' @photosbymarbles

Almost 10 years documenting, turning seemingly ordinary moments into extraordinary memories for so many people... Then the combination of these 2 came along, refreshing the heart that had been powering my captures.

Here, #likefatherlikedaughter.
To remind the old man that his little one watches him & all he does, much more closely than he realises.
(And yes, she's also learnt how to chimp, like all of us PGs do. 😅) #marblesmarblette #25monthsold #PBMmoments #singaporeflyer .

No words, time nor gratitude enough.
Though silent thanks to God for you abound.

This tiny, noisy tornado Is proffered for continued provision of smiles & laughter 😬 ❤️ #marbletteporpor #marblesmarblette #throwback #4monthsold #poolparty

It's mama's birthday!
#marblettemama #marblesmarblette


Her long anticipated maiden flight.
Flooding the capsule with extremely contagious exuberance.
Might have been the only capsule with an in-capsule guide, the youngest one ever at that. ❤️
#singaporeflyer #marblesmarblette #familydayout

For when you need to think "light & fluffy".
For when you need to flit & float with the breeze .
For the days when you feel like a lead-weighted failure of a parent. "Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; Not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks." ~Psalm‬ ‭36‬:‭6

#nuage #reprieve #pianississimo

8 years of this dance of life

Actually, more like I dance and you stand there and take my nonsense. So a very befitting picture.

Love never gives up.

Si tu pouvais lire dans mon coeur, tu verrais la place où je t’ai mise

Waffle night.
= Happy baby. Stuffed Dada. Zombie Mimi.

From her requests of Legos, waffles, Sienta rides, ice cream with Uncle N, Socks the dog, more of her meowsins... I chose waffles.
Do-able and a reason to dust off the waffle iron.

A good night.

#Ialsofeltlikewaffles #enoughofsickpeoplefood #wafflepartysoonmaybe

Dear husband,
it's been one of our most trying weeks in a long time.
With the wonderful bug that has zeroed my entire respiratory system for the week, the marblette having to go cold turkey & crazy as a result, and most importantly, your major cutover having gone live this weekend, melting your brains & body.
I know we're so tired that it's ridiculous and the marblette, so cranky that it's incredulous.
So thank you for keeping everything together, for trying to keep the marblette from killing me, for trying to explain to me (again) what you do at work even though I still ne comprend pas. For being here.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
Our loving God says so.

#itmustbeyou? 😬

Easter Sunday.
The Resurrection.
Death conquered.
Victory sealed.

Come hell or high water, there is nothing to fear, for the one who paid our debt has risen, He has trampled over the enemy, He has won the victor's crown. “To God be the glory forever and ever! Amen.”

She's in safe hands should the need ever arise.

#marblesmarblette #marblettemama

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