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Christmas is the magical time of year to pull out all the stops and create a bakery in your home. Christmas cookies not only heat up your home with your oven running all the time, but they create such warm memories too, first of all making them and then sharing them with others.
This is collection of the best cookies and other sweet treats to bake for Christmas. I also share tips on storing them, freezing them and what parts can be done in advance. I hope this will be helpful and useful for you. (Direct link in my profile or in Stories.)

December evenings give me all the cozy vibes. I love turning on our Christmas tree lights, spending time with my husband and sons, (even though at the point the house is really messy), reading stories together, playing catch, or hide n seek.
After they go to bed, I tidy up, make myself a cup of tea, and relax in the quiet.
What’s your favorite way to relax in the evenings?
By the way, this homemade Chai Latte is just the thing to make your evening even cozier, without having to go to a fancy coffee shop. Recipe link in profile.

Trubochki are such a popular Russian dessert for all holidays, weddings and other special occasions. The crisp, waffle like cylinders have a creamy filling. Many of our friends call them “Russian Cannoli”. Recipe link in my profile.

The most wonderful time of the year.
The pictures look so picturesque and perfect, don’t they?
Well, let me tell you, both my husband @klsergi and I were completely worn out by the time we got these little “angels” off to bed. This has been quite the day - with multiple spills (watch my stories), messes, and tantrums too. They both wanted to eat too much sugar, read the same book at the same time and fought bedtime like it’s a punishment. Reality may not be as pretty as the pictures sometimes, but it’s part of life. Just keep the vacuum cleaner handy, hide the cookies, and treasure all the spontaneous hugs and passionate stories they share with you, because there’s plenty of those too.

Here’s the easiest recipe for Christmas baking - Chocolate Salami. No baking! And it doesn’t take long at all to put it together. What a cute gift idea too. Wrap it up and share with all your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. (Link in profile)

I shared these pastries on my Instagram stories and you guys are bombarding me with DM’s, so I had to share it here too:). Chocolate, Cranberry and Caramel Pastries are like tiny, portable pieces of cake with 2-3 thin layers that are covered with a dulce de leche, butter and cranberry jelly filling. It gives the pastry so much caramely, slightly tart flavor and makes them tender too. Recipe link in my stories and in my profile. Swipe to the left to see what they look like on the inside.

This incredible cake recipe is now on the blog! Blueberry Kiwi Souffle Cake has tender sponge cake layers and fluffy Souffle in between (just like the famous Russian Bird’s Milk Cake). I made this for my son’s first birthday and am so happy to share the recipe with you so you can make it for any special occasion. Customize it anyway you like by using other fruit; peaches, mangos, raspberries are my favorites. @lalecherausa #sponsored #ad

Looking for a show stopping dessert for the holidays? The tender cake layers of the Blueberry Kiwi Souffle Cake are complemented perfectly with layers of decadent and luscious vanilla soufflé. The authentic flavor of the @lalecherausa sweetened condensed milk in both the souffle and the frosting make the cake so tender and fluffy. The blueberries and kiwi add so much freshness and acidity to complement the creamy soufflé and the cream cheese frosting. #sponsored #ad

Strawberry Cheesecake Danish Braid - this is what my dreams are made of. The tender and flaky dough is a combination of puff pastry and yeast dough. The cream cheese and strawberry filling is the sweet surprise inside the beautiful braid. I’ll take you through the entire process step by step, so you can confidently approach this delicious treat. (Recipe link in profile.)

What do you think of sauerkraut? Love it or not? With just a few very simple ingredients and an arm workout, you’ve got perfectly crunchy, deliciously briny sauerkraut. I learned all of my Mama’s tips to make it just right and I’m passing them on to you. What’s your favorite way to use Sauerkraut? Mine is Russian Sauerkraut Soup- Shchi With Dry Mushrooms and also adding it to Russian Beet Salad - Vinegret. (Recipe link in profile)

December is full of activities, shopping, working, parties and lots of magical family moments. In the midst of all that, we still need to eat:). Add these juicy Glazed Chicken Minj Meatloaves to your menu - they are so simple to prepare and are always loved by everyone - adults and children too. (Recipe link in profile.)

The month of November has been quite the whirlwind. So many exciting and momentous things happened all in one month, that I feel like I need to catch my breath. I've had so much going on in my personal life, I was completely gone from the blog and social media, so let me fill you in.
At the beginning of November, I returned to work as a Registered Nurse.
I had to quit working for a while because I had two high risk pregnancies, where I was severely ill and on IV fluids the entire time, with lots of complications after I delivered. The recovery for both of the boys took more than a year. It was all most certainly worth it though:)
We celebrated Josh's birthday, I can hardly believe that he is already TWO. He loved his car cake and balloons. We traveled to TN for Thanksgiving and it was so wonderful to spend time with family. In the midst of all that excitement, I also got the flu, so I've been really behind on blogging and I sincerely apologize. I've been trying to get into a rhythm once again with our new schedule. I wrote a lot more details and shared more pictures on today's blog post. Head on over to olgasflavorfactory.com if you want to know where I will be working, how often and what else went on in November in our family; you can read all about it there. What are you looking forward to the most in December?

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