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Olga Simakova  In love with flowers & Holland. Sharing pics of the beauty that I see around.

Some random snaps of Paris that didn't make it to Instagram yet. Mostly buildings. And rabbits. Rabbits are cool. 🐰

I can't make captions anymore, just wanted to show this)

Happy with my hotel choice ❤️

Hotel goals.

Found me a nice chair ⛱

See how nicely the stones are polished with water? During high tide these stones are under water, so the shapes are very rounded... and the steps of the stairs are almost washed away too.

These dramatic skies are real!
It actually started raining in a few minutes and I got completely wet, because I forgot my umbrella in the Claude Monet village.
Whatever, the view was worth it)

A walk at the bottom of the sea. Look at the colors and textures!
Usually it's covered with water, but it was low tide so it was possible to walk. So cool.

Varengville sur Mer is amazing. While it may look like Etretat, it's nothing like that - it's so secluded and absolutely no people around. It was low tide, so I had a walk at the bottom of the sea, just me and the nature, and nobody else in sight... felt very special.

Claude Monet garden was super impressive, I wish Instagram could show the details... A full-size picture in my story.

Etretat details

Etretat was beautiful.
Also, behind the scenes of this photo: 40 minutes to find a parking spot and parking in the tiniest parking spot in my 10 years of driving experience. 🚗

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