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Brands for Entrepreneurs💥  Biologist turn Designer, making meh brands magical online✨Sharing beauty, raw and real❤️Spice up🌶your biz, hit me up!


YESSSS! Summer is here, happy summer solstice to everyone! Don’t forget to welcome the sun today.

It’s so damn hot here in ABQ that I just want to be this donut enjoying a fresh ocean breeze. How and where are you spending this day? Make me jealous:)

Photo by @creativekipi, just perfect!

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Pantone colors are a source of inspiration for brand identity design, interiors, and clothing. Here’s a Pantone Summer 2017 color mood board inspiration for you, beautiful Instagram ladies😘

Summer is around the corner🏖The season in which dresses with fun colors return to delight, and most of all keep you fresh.
My black and white mind & soul keeps thinking: Oh, I love the green and the red dresses, do they come in white or black? I’m a lost cause and a sucker for Black & White. How about you, which color would you pick for this summer?
All photos by refinery 29

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This week will always be a good week because you can create whatever you want and handle anything that life throws at you. Remember you’re magical✨✨✨ Photo @scstockshop

When we moved from Portugal to the US so many moons ago, with a three-year-old, two dogs and a backpack of shoes (all mine of course), I never imagined that would be so difficult not to be in touch with my dad in a regular basis. Even though we chat every week on the phone, it never replaces the human connection that comes from talking face to face.

I learned, by experience, the true meaning of one and only Portuguese word “Saudade,” which has no simple English translation. It’s a mix of emotions and feelings all at once. You miss something you love so deeply, right into your bones, and at the same time, you explode with joy because you have experienced that love. Beautiful isn’t it?

So, dad, I love you! You are responsible for me buying so many books, but most importantly, I’m grateful because you gave me life! Also sending love to all dads out there, it takes courage, science, and love to be a good one. Enjoy your day!

Questions aren't silly; you must ask to know and have what you want! But, some days your body and soul need to be quiet in your safe and sacred place, you need a chocolate kind of day. Thinking chocolate ice-cream as it's so hot today😆

Patterns are one of my favorite brand elements, they bring your brand to life and help keep it consistent throughout. They're so much fun; you can design many brand collaterals with them! Imagine, envelopes with your unique brand patterns to send love notes to your clients. Isn’t it a beautiful touch? Showing love is always the new black. This combined with your voice makes your business memorable!

If you want to make everyone happy don't be a leader - sell ice cream. - Steve Jobs

But, you can be THE leader of ice-creams! Innovate within the industry by creating that crazy new flavor you can’t stop thinking about, even when you shower. Not everyone will be happy, we have vanilla for that, but the right people will obsess.

This is leadership; it requires courage to make your ideas happen. Some ideas will pan out, others will fall off the wagon, but you’re a leader, aren’t you? You already know the story pretty well! Keep shining🙌🏻✨⚡️

Have a creative week👊🏻✨⚡️🍍
Photo by @paulfuentes_design🙌🏻

Happy National Best Friends day! Hug your best friends, not only today, of course. They give us a bit of tough love sometimes, but we laugh a lot more because of them ❤️❤️❤️

You tend to “march” faster in your lives when you want to achieve something. However, it’s important to know and follow your own rhythm, refraining from marching to the beat of somebody else's music that doesn’t belong to you. You might as well end up feeling empty or with a big burned out - Boo

It doesn’t matter what others do and how fast do they go, pick the soundtrack that it is right for you. Make sure you have fast paced music to keep you excited and a few slower music available to bring you into a space of just being and breathing. That’s your beat, now march freely🙌🏻❤️🌸

Ah, I can't live without flowers! Beautiful @scstockshop, thank you, needed to share😊❤️🌸

It feels like Summer!  Maybe a fresh watermelon sangria is required 😊 How did we get here so fast? Do you have the same feeling too? When I look back, I didn't achieve any of my initial intentions for the year.  Nope, the universe threw delightful surprises at me, and a different path was created. But, you know what? It feels good; it's okay:) Take a couple of deep breaths, don't lose sight of your big picture, and trust the journey. A few detours won't stop you, right? And, who knows what's in store for you? From these, something magical might happen.

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