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Olena  Today I'm in Sydney and only God knows where I'll be tomorrow. Follow my roadtrip adventure #olenasroadtrips



How is it possible to fit so many weather conditions in one day?

Well, just lived through to the first working Friday and our Christmas trip already feels like a distant memory... если весь год будет такой же продуктивный, как первая неделя, было бы неплохо 💪 только от простуды бы избавиться 🤧

Sunday was the last day of holidays. It’s still hard to get back to the working routine, especially when you receive ‘Out of office’ as a response to your every second email. If you’re looking for a good art event - the musical Beautiful is very very good.

The sky is on fire tonight. Darkness, sunset and lightning at the same moment. The weather is just mad today. +24 in the morning, +32 in the afternoon and pouring rain at night.

This year marks half of my life without my mum. She left, but the universe made a gift of two women with big hearts who support me and my son, love and care. Happy birthday to this gorgeous woman. Thank you for making me feel like a little daughter again, for all your support when I was in hospital last year, for our long phone talks when I’m walking home from work, for all cute bright dresses and jewellery, for delicious family lunches and, most importantly, for your son. Love you 💝

Someone is in a very holiday mode 😍

Знаете, я ведь никогда не верила во всякие там ‘половинки’ и ‘родственные души’, а потом... потом я просто благодарила себя, что как бы порой не было сложно, я не соглашалась ни на что меньшее. Жаль, что осознание, что ‘лучше быть голодным, чем что попало есть’ пришло ко мне только к 30 годам

Такая типичная Австралия...безграничная, яркая, с самым глубоким небом и сумасшедшими волнами

Did you know that there is a ‘no speed limit’ road in NSW? You can’t drive more than 60-70km/h there though 🤣#olenasroadtrips

Поспамлю вас чуток фотками из Кви

It was my first new year eve that I slept through. We were woken up by super noisy cicadas and kookaburras at 4:30am and with sun going down at 6:30pm in Queensland there was no chance we could survive till midnight! So yep, the bottle of Champagne is travelling back to Sydney to wait for some other occasion 🤣

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