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Chris Allen  Going through decades of old Surf mags and posting some cool pages, as well as an occasional video clip

Richard Kenvin
At Simmons Reef circa 2005 on a balsa Simmons replica built by John Cherry & Terry Martin
Photo by Scott Sullivan
“The first sessions on the balsa were a revelation. Paddling into wedging peaks, we felt the board lift and plane as it caught the swell, felt the rail set and the board accelerate, and were exhilarated by the added momentum of the balsa wood. We laid the board over in bottom turns and hung on like barnacles as it shot down the line. We savored what Skip Frye calls the “Simmons slide“ as we glided across great expenses of open face. We flashed heavily on the thrills Simmons must have experienced while riding his creations at places like the Tijuana Sloughs, Ventura Overhead, and the reefs in La Jolla. The board seemed to tap a pure source of energy that the little toothpicks and discs we’d grown accustomed to riding couldn’t quite connect with. It struck us that the board was an entirely appropriate solution for riding these shifting bowls. It was functional and fun but there was something majestic and pure about it as well. The man who designed this board was not subject to the tyranny of fashion or any superficial, performance-based artifice. We almost felt as if we had gone back in time and shook hands with Bob himself.“ – Richard Kenvin in Surfer’s Journal

Hawk, Owl, Brewer

Wayne Lynch & Ted Spencer
Footage by Paul Witzig

Barry Kanaiaupuni & Gerry Lopez

Manhattan Beach, 1946

The Kahanamoku Brothers
(L to R) Bill, Sam, Louis, David, Sargent,Duke
They had 3 sisters: Bernice, Kapiolani and Maria. Sam was a gifted swimmer, surfer and canoeman, winning the bronze medal in the 1924 Olympics in 100 meter freestyle. Also a gifted singer, his rich, baritone voice could be heard on Sunday evenings when The Beach Boys gathered on the old Moana Pier. He later became the caretaker of “Shangri-la” and lover of Doris Duke. David was also on the 1924 Olympic swimming team and later became a farmer on Maui. I’m 1961 at age 67 he rescued scores of swimmers caught in an undertow in big surf at Jones Beach in NY. Louis was a talented paddler, water polo player and canoe coach, who, along with Sargent andSam invented surfboard polo which was popular in Waikiki in the ‘20s and ‘30s. Bill was nicknamed “Tarball” and known as a beach comedian. Sargent was the official greeter for Standard Oil Company and was also a powerful swimmer, clocked at 60 seconds in the 100 meter freestyle. Their father, Duke Halapu Kahanamoku was a policeman. His birth coincided with a visit to the Islands by the Duke of Edinburgh, hence his name. Their mother was the former Julia Paoa, from Kalia, at the site of the current Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Waikiki, 1920

Joel Parkinson
Photo by Shorty

Happy Birthday Duke!


Dave Sweet ad, 1962
Photo: John Anning

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