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Obviously, the best thing to wear to prom is the protective embrace of a mother bear, but what is the second-best thing? Please, let us know in the comments.

Being manly isn’t about not showing emotion or being super tough. It’s about watching branded live streams that teach you lessons on Modern Masculinity. Tune in to Let’s Get Contempormanly, Monday at 3pm EST! (Event Link in Bio)

Old Spice Hand Gym reminds you there’s no such thing as too much gains. #GetGoodGetGains

Hiding behind a mask just will not cut it anymore. Hiding behind at least five masks is the only real way to keep your identity and your message safe. That’s just the way things have become in today’s mask society. When one mask is removed another one appears. Somewhere in that phrase there is something motivational. Buy Old Spice. (Link in Bio)

See how smelling fancy is not only a blessing, it is also a curse, and that curse is a complicated game of love played out in a luxurious mansion. (Link in Bio)

Don't let weak fingers stand in your way. Try Old Spice Hand Gym (Link in Bio)

In a historic advertising event, we will be sending out men armed with the new Old Spice Captain to allow customers to actually smell the product in person. This is really big news and, we suspect, probably newsworthy. Check our event page to see if we are coming to a city near you: (Link in Bio)

When Terry and Kevin hit the gym, everyone's getting ripped and hydrated! (hit the link in the bio to see more)

Download this new Old Spice Gentleman Class for the greatest role playing game of all time, which we cannot mention for legal reasons, to fulfill that fantasy dream you have always had since reading this post. Link in Bio.

If this Old Spice commercial does not leave you asking some serious questions about life, existence, and French conjugations, then you aren't not understanding enough.

Nothing says "click the link in our bio to watch the commercial that this Gif is from" quite like this Instagram post.

The French have a saying: “balayez pour voir cette publicité avec sous-titres anglais” which roughly translates to mean “swipe to see this commercial with english subtitles.”

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