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This isn’t a sob story, funny story, or even a likely story. This is an Old-Spice-Beard-Balm-is-available-for-purchase-on-Amazon story. Find it here: bit.ly/OSBeardBalm

This may be a video about a fake baseball game, but the reality of being able to buy Old Spice Beard Oil on Amazon is very much a real reality.

Getting down to beardness has a lot to do with spinning in chairs, shuffling through papers, getting the memo, cracking a laser printer in pieces, and ordering the Old Spice Beard Kit on Amazon.

Music video director Little X's not so little these days. He’s big. As in a big X-ing deal. Watch the interview with @directorx and play the game about his life at Legacy’s Pizza.

You thought you knew @nickcannon but you don't know Nick Cannon until you watch Nick Cannon play Nick Cannon's game at Legacy’s Pizza as Nick Cannon.

Watch a legend play his own video game, then play it yourself at ComplexCon.

Trick or Treat? Click the link in bio to watch the whole vid and find out.

Changing a man who's set in his ways will always be a challenge. Changing a man who's set in four inches of deeply frozen glacial ice though, somehow not as hard.

The Old Spice Big Lavender Game: an action-packed lavender-blasting video-game experience fully loaded in a video game! Play the game and check out the new lavender and mint scents now at Walmart! PLAY NOW: BigLavenderGame.com [link in bio]

It’s time to watch the Old Spice Foam Zone. Do what you want with that.

Poetry doesn’t always have to be full of metaphors, nuanced verbiage, similes, and stanzas. Sometimes a good ol’ knock knock joke does the job. In a nutshell, The Old Spice Guy’s Grooming Guidance Guide for Guys with Beards & Other Poems is available for purchase on Amazon: link in bio.

Since the dawn of time man has yearned for a Foaming Body Wash themed game show to watch. Don’t let your ancestors down. Check out Episode 1 of The Old Spice Foam Zone! Now!

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