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Alli Meade  Artist/ Welder/ Firefighter. ( Columbus, OH ) Junkyard junkie. ❀ all things made of steel... + my rescue pups + motorbikes + the cosmos ✨


My favorite Lieutenant. It's pretty cool to have a bottomless well of firefighting knowledge available to me at all times. He also happens to look damn good in his dress uniform. #bonus #dreamteam

ADOPT... don't shop. $18 adoption fees at Franklin County this weekend!!! Go find your best friend for life!!! 😍

Today marks one year of sobriety for me... this time last year I realized that the vast majority of mistakes I've made in my life were made while I was drunk. I was self-destructive and used alcohol as a coping mechanism... choosing to drown my problems instead of confronting them. It's been a difficult year, but I'm healthier, more self-aware, and more authentically myself than I've ever been. This short video that is a small glimpse into the last month would've looked very different a year ago. I'm finally headed in a better direction and I hope I can stay on the path I've begun to pave. I'm only getting started.

You've gotta have a little fun when you can. Station 28 was blessed with the BroadSquad today. Represent.

Man of my dreams 😍

The soul tree. More hiking today in Yellow Springs.

The dogs had an amazing & exhausting weekend at Paint Creek. Hiking, camping, s'mores, and rollin' around in the mud.

Best. Gym. Ever. Thanks coach @sam_metal for the photo after this morning's workout. Best. Coach. Ever. πŸ’ͺ🏻 @crossfitclintonville

My dogs aren't always nice to other dogs so I made them watch all the good dogs have fun together at the dog park. #bestmomever #wrongsideofthefence

Thanks @paulcombs7 for your inspiring artwork. You're the best! We appreciate your support πŸ’œ

Finally got to try this girl out today. New toys & stuff. πŸ’™

Sometimes I stop to watch & listen. Not often enough.

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