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Alli Meade  Artist/ Welder/ Firefighter. ( Columbus, OH ) Junkyard junkie. ❀ all things made of steel... + my rescue pups + motorbikes + the cosmos ✨


He said, "...learning to snowboard is like a 10 hour car wreck." I should have believed him!

I welded up this Native American sculpture a few years ago to pay respects to my great great grandmother. All of this political and social division is very depressing to me... yet I try to understand and respect all sides as much as possible. The thing I keep coming back to, however, is that America is comprised of immigrants. With the exception of Native Americans, from whom this country was taken, each of us is here because of immigration. Our ancestors took what did not belong to them, with force, and made this country theirs... and now we have the right to close the borders to people of a particular nationality because we see them as a threat? We are the threat. We are our own enemy. Shame on us for not seeing that. Our government leaders are acting out of fear and it is dangerous to us all.

Tim got his red helmet today!!! Congrats, Lieutenant! πŸ”₯

Zero. Healed. πŸ–€@muscadomestica πŸ–€

When you can't go to Yellowstone this year, you find the #bison in Ohio. #spiritanimal #hike #recharge

My guys πŸ’™

Teaching Krypto to pull the sled today. He's a beast! #3leggeddog #roguefitness #kryptothesuperdog

I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon @crossfitclintonville and all the amazing people who coach and work out there. The support, guidance, and friendships I've gained are more than I ever expected.

BIRRHDAY BURPEES! Thanks 9:15 class for doing #birthdayburpees with me as part of warmup, even though we weren't awake yet. @sam_metal @crossfitclintonville πŸŽ‰πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Historically, this time of year is very difficult for me. I work extremely hard to stay a step ahead of depression, but occasionally it catches up. I quit drinking over 7 months ago... and shortly thereafter, joined a new gym, in order to change things up and challenge myself more. It has helped tremendously. I look forward to it every day, and as you can see, it puts a smile on my face even when it hurts. 2016 has not been great but it's been full of change. I look forward to the coming year and the potential it holds. Cheers to moving forward. (Cheers with ginger beers) ✌🏻️

Soooooo many beautiful babies need a home this time of year. If you're shopping for a new furry friend, please open your heart to adoption. Wouldn't it feel good to save a life? @petpromise had some amazing pups to choose from!