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Gregory Q  Why didn't you think of making it into a great tub

I love small towns lol 😂#delybery

Really interesting patent from @anandialabs about a genetic method to determine sativa/indica dominance. Some people think the sativa/indica divide is a false dichotomy but I’m trying to keep an open mind about the issue. Happy 710!
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I miss these two more than anyone

Look at my cat’s huge belly haha. Her shelter intake forms said “possibly pregnant?” She’s always been a pig cat, eating as much as possible. I’ve tried putting her on a diet but damn I love her too much. #fatcat #kyhet

In light of the Epidiolex news, thought I would post this recently published paper. 30 mg/kg is about 2.5 grams for a 180 pound person. I’m still very much in favor of cannabis as medicine but this is interesting research. Chronic CBD exposure promotes functional impairment of the reproductive system of male Swiss mice. #reefermadness #epidiolex

Throwback to when Amber from @avitas_grown was sharing her shiny new @orangephotonics gear after a @cannstem meeting. With @gardenguard13 @future4200 and Zack from @confidence_analytics. Cool people and cool technology. Real #weednerd moment. Selective Separation Spectroscopy™

I will be attending this event.
Cannabis Micropropagation and Biotechnology
Plant Symposium

The application of genomic based techniques like Marker Assisted Selection, QTL mapping, and CRISPR-Cas9 editing will facilitate rapid advancements in breeding and allow the identification of genes controlling agriculturally valuable traits such as increased productivity, disease resistance and specific cannabinoid profiles. The development of Cannabis specific technologies will likely progress quickly as Cannabis research “catches up” after decades of limited access by the academic and agritech scientific communities due to legal status.
#cannabisscience #tissueculture #cannabisbiotechnology

These are the best chips on the planet. If you ever see these for sale I highly recommend you buy them immediately. Please tell me if you’ve ever tasted a better chip. #utz #crabchips

Really cool that studies like this are being published, but I’m not sure about this conclusion. All the good growers I know cut the tips off, for many different reasons. So they know when new growth occurs, to reduce mold, to be able to fit more clones closer together, to encourage root growth, but mostly because that’s how they were taught. What do y’all think?
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Was very happy to find this on the shelf in Bellingham ❤️
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Kyhet is coming with me on a journey

This is what the world honors: uniform, sleek and taxed pre-rolls. This is what it looks down on: lumpy, smelly hand rolled joints. People who are rich wear themselves out rushing around on business, piling up more wealth than they could ever use- this is a superficial way ☯️

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