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I was fortunate enough to be included in this rad zine by @meanragga I know Straight Edge gets a bad wrap sometimes, with good reason too. I guess every sub-culture has it's assholes. Anyway reading the interviews in this makes me proud to be Straight Edge and proud to be included with every other legend featured in this first volume. Great job Edwin! #thestraightedge

Dear, @converge I love you. Sincerely, Steve. #janelive

Annnnd dessert brunch. Vegan French toast! @nagevadelaide

The future is Vegan. I love you @nagevadelaide

Sunday Sludge. I still get goosebumps when I listen to this monolith of an album. Drowning Horse "Sheltering Sky".

This album still makes me wanna burn every abattoir, fur farm, vivisection lab and circus to the ground. Dedicated to the Vegan Straightedge "kids" who still remain. Fuck the rest.

When you're a man about the house and gotta get your chores done BUT you also enjoy sitting. #boysofsummer #whenvegansvacuum

Vegemite / Avocado / Sriracha
Try it and thank me later.

When your Dog is disappointed in you for playing Integrity 2000 instead of Seasons.

A few weeks ago we had a less than pleasant experience with the long flabby arm of the law. After being lied to directly by the fuzz, they came back and rubbed salt in the wounds by handing out fines left right and center. So we are playing this to help those slapped with these bullshit infringements. #acab #faitheater #talc #thrashboard #allxin

Faitheater 2017 📷: @skinned_knees

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