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Olay Skincare  Our mission at Olay is to encourage women to live fearlessly, starting with skin that’s ready to #FaceAnything.

Some weeks can be tough, but the new Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash can help you look and feel great after a long day.
Just ask @Steffy who says, "I was so stoked to find this Olay body wash, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft too!" Check the link in the bio for more info! #whipflipglow, #willitflip

The road to the @nyfw runway wasn't easy, but #olay is so proud to celebrate women who are fearless to #faceanything
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When you glow like @mamacaxx or @denisebidot on the runway, you really are fearless to #faceanything 🌟 #olay

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@nyfw is all about the clothes … UNTIL NOW! Tune into the first-ever judgment-free, makeup-free runway show at New York Fashion Week today! We’re partnering with 19 fearless women from fashion, entertainment and beauty to face the runway makeup-free wearing a first-of-its kind “SkinVisible” dress! 💫 Mark your calendars and tune in to the catwalk LIVE on Instagram or Facebook at 3:30pmET!
#olay #faceanything

Women everywhere are defying the norms... and we’re doing it in our own way. From raising the volume of our voices to boldly standing with bare faces, #Olay celebrates women who are ready to #FaceAnything

If someone says you’re “too” emotional, “too” strong, “too” ambitious, “too” anything, keep your head high!
We have something exciting dropping soon…stay tuned!
#FaceAnything with #Olay

REPOST from @atomicmari ……...........
It's so easy to criticize and only see flaws in our skin. I've gone from being called "pizza face" to sorta finding balance to freaking out about my first wrinkle. But through it all, it's been this awesome journey of digging deeper and learning to love myself inside and out. So then WHY do I/we still default to needing makeup to truly feel confident? Anyone else feelin this? 😖 I guess I'm still learning... which is why I've accepted the #Olay28Day Challenge. Which means I'll only use @Olay products for 28 days and at its conclusion, I'll walk the RUNWAY alongside other incredible women at none other than the super glamorous New York Fashion Week... with ZERO makeup on. Fashion Week AND baring all my flaws. Talk about a lesson in self love, acceptance, and being fearless enough to #faceanything! I'm excited to share the journey with you. ROAR! 💪🦁 #NYFW #olay

REPOST from @mamacaxx : It’s official, I’m taking @Olay’s #FaceAnything Challenge.
Taking the challenge to get this skin ready for New York Fashion Week 💃🏾💃🏾. Skincare should always be priority and makeup second. Even when I decide to leave the house without makeup I seem to always reach for the concealer to cover up sun spots and my dark undereye. Sooo in the next 28 days get your note pad ready 😆😆😆 I’ll be showing you my routine and the products I’m using. #olay #NYFW #Olay #mamacax #BedTimeRoutine #faceanything

That feeling when you see your name in lights in Times Square!
What makes you glow proudly?
#Olay #FaceAnything

Repost from @denisebidot **** The Olay #FaceAnything #28daychallenge Accepted! Join me as I adopt my new @olay skincare regimen to prepare my skin for New York Fashion Week and beyond. As many of you know, I am adamant about taking great care of my skin. I know how easily bad skin can make you feel insecure. I’ve struggled with rosacea throughout my career, having to learn how to tame it and use the right products. If I don't show my skin love it's also visibly dull and I gotta keep things bright 100% of the time. Great skin makes me feel beautiful from the inside out. I'm more confident and feel I can face my goals without fear. *Morning Steps* - Cleanse in the AM with Olay Daily Facials - literally, it's like a mini facial, removes dirt and oil 2x better than a basic cleanser. Then, apply Regenerist Whips with SPF 25 - their breakthrough anti-aging moisturizer and finally add the Ultimate Eye Cream which has powerful vitamins and peptides to hydrate and smooth your under-eye area. *Evening Steps* -Cleanse at night with Olay Daily Facial, apply Regenerist Whips - their breakthrough anti-aging moisturizer and you guessed it, add the Ultimate Eye Cream. Who's down to #FaceAnything with me?

Confidence + Strength = Warrior Wednesday. This is your day. Conquer it!
#FaceAnything #Olay

“Too” Driven? “Too” Strong? “Too” Ambitious? We want to put an end to the idea that women are “too” anything.” What “Too” will you cross out today?
#Olay #FaceAnything

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