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these helps me to remember the past months

Something that I wished I started with earlier is earplugs. Right when I started touring I got some custom ones that have probably saved my hearing. And gradually got some for everything where it's high frequency sounds or where I want to shut something off. This is not a commercial, this is simply a heads up. Will post some info and pointers on my story 🖐️

This week has been insane. Been wanting to do this for a long time, and finally blocked off some time to get up there. In 6 days I went though the whole training and 18 jumps, 10 independent jumps. And to be able to do it with family was something special. Thank you @hnrik and @oslofallskjermklubb for getting me ready👊 Closing in on my full license! Let's fuckings GO! Shot on 3x zoom on #huaweip20pro @huaweimobileno (thanks to the pilot for the flick)

Seems like a good day to post a @g_eazy photo. Happy bday legend. Much love

Vi er ikke bare brødre fordi begge er pene.

My 17th of May was something else... After I took a shot to my balls while diving the day before, the pain got so intense yesterday that I had to get my ass to the emergency room. For 7 hours I didn't know if I was going to keep my right testicle, cuse they didn't know if it had twisted and stopped the blood circulation so it had died. So I got sent in a ambulance to the hospital since it's a time matter. After ultrasound they finally saw that it was only internal bleeding and it was too small for them to go in. This happend after a semi flat dive from 2 meters.... It's always the bullshit things that take you down, aka the only thing I have learned from this is that I need to stop diving from bullshit heights. Happy to still maintain a deep voice and a solid load......... 🇧🇻

16th of May 2018, Dear Instagram, I am still alive 💙 and I took this with my #huaweip20pro @huaweimobileno

Europe by @tristan_edouard

Warsaw summed up with some black & whites

Did some video again, le me know what u guys think. @g_eazy

Since the weekend didn't kill me I jumped on a plane down to Europe to put in some more work with the bro.

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