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OLAR🎀  Entrepreneur🌸 A fashion entrepreneur with a background in sales & digital marketing 🌸 Business Page ~ @olarsgrace Founder ~ Olars Grace Enterprise 🌸

U can be single to everyone else except the person you are in a relationship with, these male species can be married the week after he just made it official with you so stop pitying them, spread your nest🤣 please dear😝 This is bad advice pls don’t cheat on your boyfriends o I’m joking or maybe I’m not 🤣
Outfit - @janbyjan_ ❤️
Shoes - @olarsgrace ❤️

Send this picture to your MCM, give him an early Christmas gift💕💕💕
Outfit ~ @janbyjan_ 💕
Bag & shoes - @olarsgrace 💕
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Comment your 1st emoji on this princess yet casual look 💎💎💎
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Ayyyyyyy! See your small girl💃🏻💃🏻@westafricafashionweekng #sewaf #sewaf2018 #westafricafashionweek #sewafawards

People when they want to borrow money VS people when it’s time to return the money🤔 True or nah? 🤣 Swipe!
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Do u guys do that thing where you meet a guy, u guys are talking and sweety-ing and you start imagining his surname with a MRS right in front of it then you wake up from your dream cos you can’t come and die when u hear that 5 other girls are currently dreaming of the same thing🤣🤣🤣 how do I think of all these things🤔🤣
Detailed blazer dress - @olarsgrace 16,000 naira only, dm to purchase.

Apparently the previous caption hit some nerves and I’m not insensitive so let’s agree to understand that people are going through shit and do not want to accept certain things so let’s all keep it cute and sip some tea while we talk about this beautiful “GARDENIA” dress from our holiday collection 😍 - 20,000 naira only, send a dm to me or @olarsgrace to purchase. ❤️
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I was probably a night guard in my last life cos mahn! I can’t sleep to save my own life😫😫🤣

Who missed mama bear🤔😌
Who loves the “CHARMING” kimono from the Olars clothing line🤔😌
Who wants to buy the charming kimono for 10,000 naira only❤️😋
Send a dm to purchase and don’t forget shop @olarsgrace ❤️

The #HUAWEInova3i features a 6.3-inch FHD+ Screen (2340 x 1080) that provides a wide view of your world while easily fitting in your pocket. 😍 @huaweimobileng

HUAWEI Y Series Bonanza is here!
Enjoy price slashes on the Y5, Y6 and the Y7 Prime 2018.
As part of the bonanza, Huawei will giving away free gifts which will include mouthwatering giveaways of the Y5 and Y7 Prime 2018 and many more!
Head on over to @HuaweiMobileNG for more info.

Why is my skin always trying to play me??? Do you not see me buying expensive things for you???? Taking the time to figure you out!!! Drinking water so much I gotta pee every 2 seconds??? What is your love language??? What will make you happy??? How do I love you???????😌🤔😂
In other news, if u guys help me buy the JAMILA JUMPSUIT from the OLARS clothing line holiday collection - 20,000 naira only, I will definitely be able to get up from my sick bed and dance shoki 💃🏻 Send a dm to purchase.
Jamila Jumpsuit - @olarsgrace - 20,000 naira only.
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