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OLAPLEX  Bond Multiplier that dramatically reduces breakage from chemical services on all hair types. Compatible with all color lines. Available worldwide & @


Today during our Facebook Live demo, viewers talked about how everyone should go platinum at least once in their lifetime! 🌬🌬Women and men are proving that true more than ever now that they have Olaplex to mitigate damage during the transformation process and at home to make sure the hair stays 💯 in-between appointments.
@aloftstory takes clients like this one to platinum on a regular basis! Here's how Olaplex helped @aloftstory push the envelope:
FORMULA • Wella Blondor + Olaplex No.1 on the regrowth. Constantly rinsing and checking each section. Once completely processed and rinsed, apply a Stand Alone Treatment by using #Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 and let it process for 30 minutes. Rinse. Tone with Fuente 11.1 with silver concentrate using 6vol/1.9%. #platinumhair #blondegoals #whitehair #hairtips #colorformula

There's nothing like a blank canvas... and the words "do whatever you want" coming from your client. 👌🏾🤙🏼🙃🙌🏽🙏🏿 #TransformationTuesday color correction goals by @guy_tang. Guy's model had nearly 10 inches of level 1 regrowth! 😳He had to even out her color in one session to have her level 10 show ready for the Guy Tang x Olaplex World Tour. He used @guytang_mydentity #Big9 Crème Lightener + Olaplex No.1 to break up that huge line of demarcation, banding, and stripes. No toner, no styling... just a very inspiring palette for creative color! 🖌✨#olaplex #blondegoals #platinumblonde

What's your favorite purple shampoo for platinum? 🍆☂️🍇 Knowing how to maintain fresh platinum blonde hair is essential. Leave your tips in the comments! Speaking of fresh, @agr100 told us ALL about this transformation:

Living for this transformation I did yesterday! 4hrs + 30mins with the amount of hair this beautiful lady had I think I did pretty well to achieve this in one sitting!
FORMULA // Full head of fine slices with a very close root drag with pre lightener and 30vol at the back and added a bit of 40 vol when working on the front to allow catch up! Of course using #Olaplex gives me the confidence to push boundaries! Then after rinsing off, I applied Olaplex No.2 left on for 20 mins. I then toned with Inoa 6.1 on the roots to soften the drag and used Dialight 10.12 10.21 9.12 on the mid lengths and ends to achieve this FLAWLESS ice queen realness! And thanks to Olaplex, we made it happen!

Have you treated yourself yet? Weekly use of #Olaplex No.3 is THE way to healthier hair with regular treatments. Reply below with your fave emoji if your hair got STRONGER this week! 💯 💖💪 [📸: @salon1506]

What are your TOP TIPS for Summer haircare? Share your faves below! ☀️🌊🌴 Regular Olaplex Stand Alone treatments and No.3 at home are on the top of our list to ensure the hair is constantly repaired from the damaged done by the sun, and everything in between.
Color by @juliejakobsenhair 🌫 🌫 🌫
1: Wella Blondor + 20vol/6% + Olaplex No.1. 30 minutes, no heat.
2: Rinse and shampoo— apply Olaplex No.2 for 15 minutes.
3: Tone with Color touch 10/0+ 10/6 + 1,9% 1:2 + Olaplex No. 1 for 15 minutes, 10 minutes first on regrowth area.
4: Shampoo, condition, and style!

Friday got us like... 👀🌬👀 Double take by @amassohairandbeauty. 🙌 On scalp bleach roots to ends by Sandra with #Olaplex.

What's your favorite COLOR MELT formula? 🎨💧📝 This blend by @alennmj is just 🔥. Here's his detailed formula and process:

Products: L'Oréal & Olaplex
Technique: Ombré & Foils
Formula: Olaplex No.1 + Powder + 30vol Multitechnique 8 for 30/45min
Toner: Base Richesse 5 + 9vol (1:1) for 20/25min. Middle: Richesse8 for 15/20min+ clear
Length: Dialight Clear + 10.12 + 6vol ( 1:1/2) for 10/15min.
Final: Shampoo, then apply and saturate Olaplex No.2 for 20min.

Can you GUESS by the PROCESS who we will be filming a free Facebook Live class with tomorrow at 10 am pst? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤔🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️TAG who you think it is in the comments! #olaplex #olaplexlive #balayage

UPDATE! Most of you guessed right! It's @biancacolour. 🔥

When it comes to creative color for this Spring/Summer it's ALL about 🌸🌹🌺🌷🌹tones. 😍💕 Color by the one and only @guy_tang with Olaplex every step of the way. 💣

FORMULA // Previously lightened with #mydentity #Big9 a couple of months ago.

Formula 1: @guytang_mydentity 7Rg with 6vol 1:2 ratio
Formula 2: @guytang_mydentity 7Rg 25g +Crystal Clear 25g with 6vol 1:2 ratio
Formula 3: @guytang_mydentity 7Rg 15g+ Crystal Clear 35g with 6vol 1:2 ratio I chose 7rg over the 9rg because it has more lilac Violet cast to the tone to control warmth at a level 7-8 but because I deposit it over a level 10 prelighten hair, I am able to achieve a smoky lilac mauve reflection. Using Crystal Clear allow me to take 7Rg tonality and shift it to a level 9-10 and creating a completely new range.

What are your favorite STYLING tools? From brushes to hot tools— write your must-haves below! 🗝⬇️ We're obsessed with this beach waved SNOW white transformation by @aloftstory with #Olaplex. Movement in the hair helps reflect the light better, making the color POP like this. Remember to treat your hair weekly with #Olaplex No.3 to repair the damage done from thermal styling. 💥

What's maintenance ADVICE can you give for ICY hair? HOW do YOU keep it 💯? Imagine giving advice to this newly icy client right here, transformed by @sheis_magic with #Olaplex. 🔮😍

Hairdressers & Clients: What do you want/need out of a CONSULTATION? What are the right QUESTIONS to ask? 📜🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️ Whether you're giving your colorist freedom or have a specific goal in mind— being on the same page is KEY! 🗝

Back to back platinum by @fannyschylander.hair with #Olaplex. 💥

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