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olanrogers  Director - Actor - Storyteller - WME + Owner of @starcadetco + @thesodaparlornashville


Celebrating in LAS VEGAS with my favorite person @rachelvrogers 💥🚀 ALL THE MAGIC SHOWS WILL BE OURS!!

Awesome Lions Blaze fan art by Joshua Buchanan! Been working on a pitch for this bad boy for a months on my off time. Would be cool to see this live one day. Got so many ideas for it. ⚔️🦁🔥

‪Yes! YESSSSSSSSSS! Got such freaking fantastic news today! Wish I could release such info but I can’t just yet. Which is the way of Hollywood but HECK TO THE YES!!!!! Thank you ALL OF YOU for the continued support and the love. And thank you to TBS giving me this opportunity.. Going to keep hustling and working these butt cheeks right off. Yes! YESSSSSSSS!!! Remember this day Olan December 5 😊🙌

Forgot I had signed these literally 7months ago and got so busy with Final Space I threw them in my closet. Just found them as I was cleaning the apartment lol. The last 750-ish to exist. This saying has meant quite a lot to me as I say it to myself quite a bit. And honestly there were times I legitimately thought about quitting filmmaking/ storytelling. I told this story at New York Comic-Con but at the beginning of 2015 I remember driving in my car by myself thinking “What now? Been doing this for 13years or so and how much longer do I keep going. Am I insane for continuing?” I had tried to get an agent. Emailed like 15 agency in Nashville and ATL with no response. I had just went through one of the toughest years of my life 2014 (YOU SUCK 2014!) My hard drive melted erasing all progress on the last episode of Pop Rocket. And then I remember thinking of this saying and even in my lowest point it put a smile on my face. I had to keep going because there was no other option for me. I can’t tell you how many people told me I wouldn’t get anywhere in this industry. Whatever you’re meant to do and love to do. Do it. Chase it. And don’t look back.
I’m going to put these last 750 posters on the starcadet.com They are 15PT Kraft 11x17 Posters. These things always sell out very quickly so if you missed out here’s your last chance 😊👌 (Link in the bio)

The calm before the storm. We’ve been in deep post production for months on Final Space. I’ve also been laying low hence lack of videos because things are about to get really crazy. Next couple months you’ll no doubt be seeing A LOT. Sit tight just a little while longer 🚀😱🙌❤️🔥 #finalspace

A year ago today we re-opened The Soda Parlor. Crazy adventure marking 3years of being open! Thanks to all of you for supporting it and giving it life. It’s done so well that it’s even spawned a very close imitation 30minutes away they even got waffle mondaes which we spent a year constructing before we opened lol I’m not mad or upset and genuinely hope the best for them. So don’t be confused they aren’t a second location from us, we get asked about this almost everyday now. Also please don’t throw any shade at them just want to clarify it’s not a second spot from us. 😊👌 At the end of the day it’s you guys that have made this thing a success and that can’t be replicated. Down the road we’re hoping to do a pop up tour AND we’re browsing options for opening our second location someplace 😱 Love you all! ❤️ -Olan


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Im about to go into a food coma so I’m posting this a tad early. Diehards check yo emails! Our Black Friday Sale is live. 15% off anything you freaking want! 🚀 Use the discount code : BLACKFRIDAY
Hope this helps you guys and gals out whoever been eyeing some killer threads.
The sale runs all weekend until Tuesday. 🚀

We also got a new collection as well! 😸🔥🚀💥🎄 And a limited Edition Comeback Kid shirt.
Alright food coma activate.(Link in the bio)

Seasons Greetings up in this house! 😸😊🎄have a great Thanksgiving!

THIS FRIDAY! Our online Black Friday Sale begins this Friday! 👨‍🚀🚀 @starcadetco

STARSCREAM!! 😸 Back in Nashville for the week! ❤️ Fur Pals Friendship Reactivate!

‪Sorry for lack of updates. It’s been crazy busy wrapping up season 1 of Final Space. I’m working as hard as I can. I know this is my shot to show everyone I was born for storytelling. I’m pouring every thing I got to give into this and so is the team behind it. Please forgive me for the lack of videos as of late. I feel really bad about it. This show is a literal dream come true for me so I want to give it everything I have. I would be doing a disservice to all of you by not giving it everything I have. Anyways....soon you’ll begin seeing marketing and trailers for this bad boy. 🚀

It’s looking like it’s going to get even busier which is great but bare with me. I got animated stories on the horizon and so many video ideas it pains me. Thank you so much for being so patient! ❤️-Lil Big O‬

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