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Ekale eyitemi. I have come again oh.
If you're a woman, you know how uncomfortable you normally are during your monthly period.
Let us now imagine those girls that use dirty rag during their period because they cannot afford to buy pad.
Imagine the risk of infection & the discomfort
Imagine the fear in their hearts whenever it's that time of the month
I'm partnering with PAD GIRLS CAMPAIGN to provide sanitary pad to 300 girls.
Let us restore their dignity as women

WhatsApp 08178207787 if you want to send in pads

#girls #diamonds #sanitarypad #olajumoke

And this was 2days ago when @thebunker_yps hosted me.

Rate the progress people, your opinion counts. Thank you all for the support & encouragement, you're the reason I'm still here pushing.

By the way pls checkout @thebunker_yps, it's a nice place with nice people. Follow them as well let's show them Jummystars are influencers.

God bless you all. Let me stop the English show here & quietly go back to my Yoruba.

#thejourney #theprocess #thankful #olajumoke #olajumokeworld

This was shot exactly 1year ago so pls be nice & don't laugh....okay, laugh small. @afriquechique is always there to encourage me & push to do more

Been working on this project for so long. Hope to show it to my #jummystars soon.

Thanks to the team @qtabyevents, ekaro eyitemi

#olajumoke #olajumokeworld #jummystars #olajumokesauce #impossibleisnothing

More clips from last year, it's not yet perfect but we keep pushing. Comment below if you want to see more of my English efforts⬇️ Still mo ni ife ede ati asa yoruba.

I know you all love me as I love you all, you're my family.
Cc: @joynkong my teacher, I really miss her

#olajumokeworld #olajumoke #grace #tv #impossibleisnothing

I'm posting some clips from my reality show shoot last year to encourage my Jummystars who are worried about my effort in speaking English. Enisuru diè ejor, small small we will get there...But omo Yoruba ni mi & even when I have learnt all the English, Yoruba ni mofe.

My story from behind the scenes, uncensored is being recorded for the fans.

Go to Qtaby TV on YouTube to watch my vlog. Good morning.

#olajumoke #olajumokeworld #grace

I also met with some of the RIL exco members @thebunker_yps: @adeawonaike @sojiwoye @sholaplayheights, I don't remember the names of the people at the two extremes but they were all very welcoming.
Scroll left to see some.of their nice spaces.

#sharedoffices #conferencerooms #meetingrooms #cafe #readingroom #goodvibes

Earlier today I was hosted by @resourceintermediaries at their bespoke location @thebunker_yps, such a beautiful place with very friendly executives. They made me feel very comfortable.

You should check them out for reading rooms, shared office spaces, medium seized conference rooms & meeting rooms.

#sharedoffices #conferencerooms #meetingrooms #cafe #readingroom #goodvibes

Congratulations big sis @officiallindaikeji. Children are a blessing.

I'm coming for baby shower oh... #testimony #strongwoman

Thank you for this @afriquechique, sometimes you're my voice. It's long but read to the end pls

Regrann from @afriquechique - Why do I feel a certain connection between these two stories?

A fairytale is a fairytale!!! Be it that of a bread seller who accidentally walks into a photoshoot & bags her own shoot with one of Nigeria's best photographers, & moves on to covering This Day Style, getting a house, education for her kids, an automatic celebrity status, a career unplanned & over 300k supportive followers. Becoming a voice for the poor & hopeless.


A black American divorced woman getting married to Princess Diana's son,but the the grand son of Queen Elizabeth of England whom is younger than she is by 2years, moving on to become Duchesse of Sussex.

One thing I've learnt about special people is their simplicity though, Meghan Markle could have won any dress that she desired in the world, but she wore this simple, yet classy piece & her man could still appreciate her beauty.
She went ahead to determine how she would have her wedding, a black choir & black priest in Buckingham palace.

Just maybe one thing I'll ensure Olajumoke does more is to keep it simple.

The Olajumoke fairytale is an evolving story, it's still very far from where God intends it to reach, but it will surely get there with some perseverance & support from her fans. For those expecting perfection from a local bread seller with no prior form of education whatsoever...I hail you.

Dream, believe, live a simple life know who you are & LOVE YOURSELF irrespective of where you currently are. Your mistakes are your past & cannot define who you are.

#fairytale #dream #believe #keepfaith #stars #royalty #blessedwomen #chosen #black #african #love #cinderella ##breadsellerturnmodel #royalwedding #meghanmarkle #mondaymotivation - #regrann

Thanks to everyone that supported the cause.

@qtabyevents @machidenterprises @cheapestboutique1 for the items

Our financial donors as well.

3 orphanages visited today, I put up the pictures to challenge someone out there to reach out.
One more stop tomorrow.

#olajumoke #childrenareablessing #showlove

Thanks to Royal Diamond Home for taking care of these beautiful children.

1st home done, the children loved their gifts.

Into the next one.

#olajumokeexcellentchildren #childrenareablessing #showlove #childrensday #children

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