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Hoco Bridge Part 2

I could be your date tonight
•Hoco 2017•

•friday night lights baby•

xxx 17

hoco spirt week :)
•inspired by thrifty thursday•

it's been a while

there's a nice lil breeze out and I know where I want to college. senior year is good and I feel so safe and secure. if you wanna be scared about college together, I'm here. ily

so attraction is this really weird thing that makes you feel stuff for strangers sometimes? it makes you curious about those strangers, actually care about someone other than yourself and spend forever with another person.
Just know it's like an eclipse; it's beautiful and inspiring but only lasts so long. Take out your glasses, watch every minute, and never forget what it felt like.


so I'm feeling very nostalgic.
this is one of the first photos I took after I moved. It's been a whole year and I've grown up quite a bit. I've made and lost a few friends along the way, but they all personally taught me something valuable, and I will never forget those lessons.
It's scary to think I'll be in a different city, a different state, and with different people this time next year. It's also scary to think that it won't ever be a reality. I thanked my mom tonight for moving with me and never faltering as a mom. I'm afraid this year is going to go by and it'll finally be my turn to graduate, after watching others do it for so many years.
I recommend "home : by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes" if you need something to help you get through this year, or help you remember it.

u bitches can't even spell prague

blood drippin' out your arms on my asian rugs

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