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Oksana Grishina  3 X Ms. Fitness Olympia, 2014-2016 4 X Ms. Fitness International, 2014-2017, AGT S11, SAN 30%Off➡️oksana#30‼️🎧GrippedFitnessAudio 10%Off➡️GFAOksana10


With a wonderful team @panattaofficial 😘🇮🇹💪🏼 Love you all😘❤️ #PanattaSport #panattaequipment @maurizioparadisi

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Camaraderie and the love of training - learn from Arnold and his peers by pumping iron with your best friends. Not only will you inspire each other's to reach new levels in your training. But shared success also tends to be twice as fun than when going it alone ;) Pic by @perbernalphoto for @flex_magazine and @muscle_and_fitness with @oksanagrishina @breonma_ and @bradbrowe

Getting ready for my first day of shooting with @panattaofficial in #Italy
Feel better this morning after food poisoning🤢 . But still no bag, no clothes, no shoes, no makeup, no medical. But thanks so much to @panattaofficial team for taking care of me🙏🏻💪🏼

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When the curtain goes up at @arnoldclassicau my happy place. Photo by @punk1965

Almost finished packing for my trip to #Italy ✈️ So excited for shooting with the weight-training equipment company #Panatta Sport. @panattaofficial @panatta_official @sannation

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The day is almost over, but I wanted to make sure to say Happy Birthday to the one and only @oksanagrishina!
I hope that your Birthday was, just like yourself, the absolute Greatest of All Time!!!
Photo by the great @perbernalphoto
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