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What makes you happy? ❤️Happy weekend ✨ #Oksana_real

Hi! Lovely freinds! I shot this video for a new song by a very talented singer De Lev (@vlad_de_lev) - "Take me to Saint-P". It’s already a club hit and played on radio 👍 You can listen to this track completely and appreciate it by the link in his profile - and of course follow @vlad_de_lev
Привет! Милые друзья! Я сняла это видео для новой песни очень талантливого певца De Lev (@vlad_de_lev) - «Take me to Saint-P». Этот трек уже настоящий клубный хит и его играют на радио 👍 Вы можете полностью прослушат и оценить песню по ссылке в его профиле - обязательно подписывайтесь на @vlad_de_lev ! 💖 #oksana_real#oksana_real_money

You are where your thoughts. 💖 Happy weekend #Oksana_real

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Dear friends! 💜
I can not resist the temptation to invite you to relax in the Transcarpathian jacuzzi in the health complex "Perlina Lumshor", located in the mountain village of Lumshory - a real spa vacation in Ukraine in the resort area of ​​the Carpathian Mountains at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, near the Slovakian border.
Pure mountain air, coniferous forests in combination with mineral springs create ideal conditions for the treatment and recovery of the whole organism.
One of the most popular types of relacsation in these places is considered to be bathing in the vats. The vats is a cast iron tub filled with mineral water. A fire is made directly under the vat. The water in the vat gradually heats up to 38-40 degrees Celsius. After taking a hot bath is recommended to plunge into the cold flow of a mountain river. The procedure is available for all 24 hours a day, all year round!
Order water treatments in vats, living in cozy cottages and meals in the restaurant "Koliba" with exotic local cuisine by phone:
+ 38 0993521883, +38 0688262741, +38 0314544280
and online: http//lumshory-perl.com.ua
I wish a happy rest and receive a charge of good health and new impressions for everyone! #Oksana_real#Lumshory#oksana_real_money

After a tiring trip, an Italian lunch was waiting for me on the balcony with a beautiful country view. 🙃Happy weekend friends 😉 #oksana_real

Love ❤️ #Oksana_real

I do not like traveling alone. And you? 🙃 #Oksana_real 😉

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