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Eric Malina  Born and Raised in Hawai'i. God and Family First. Email: [email protected]

"When my heart is frail
And when I’m incomplete
I will choose to receive
You love me"
- United Pursuit

The sun apparently tried to stay in bed and under the sheets as long as possible this morning. At least I got a tiny peek.

Decided that instead of shooting tonight I would just stay home and spend some quality time with my son. Well...the sky was too much to resist so I ran up to the top of the parking garage to catch a few shots. I kinda like it.

"Nothing can stand against us
Our praise will break the darkness
We declare, Your kingdom's here"
- Elevation Worship

Sometimes things we view as negative life changing events are actually blessings in disguise.

"And then I saw You
Shine, shine, shine like the sun
You’re waking us to life, You’ve only begun
Every fear, every doubt disappears when You shine on us"
- Bethel Music

"I’ve made up my mind...I’m never going back"
- United Pursuit

"There wasn't a day
That You weren't by my side
There wasn't a day
That You let me fall
All of my life
Your love has been true
All of my life
I will worship You"
- Bethel Music

Sometimes even when you don't feel motivated to do something you gotta just force yourself to go. So glad I did that tonight or I would have missed an epic sunset.

You know it's a dark and cloudy morning when you totally missed the sun rising even though you were focussed on where it was supposed to be.

Sunset yesterday was a challenge for me. There were no waves and no clouds. We checked 2 different locations before settling on a 3rd. And even then, the spot we planned on shooting was buried under 2 feet of sand. I was forced to look at everything differently. Honestly I'm just happy I got a few shots and it didn't end up being a "delete all" day.

I'm always looking for some water action but sometimes I get a little more than I was bargaining for. Shooting this at a little longer than 11mm might have been a smarter choice. The ocean definitely isn't always predictable.