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When your friends try to clown you for penitentiary posing, but join you... 😄. &... another one. Thankful for being able to bring in yet another year with @lostangelsorg and grateful for the newcomers. This has become a tradition and I am hopeful we will continue to grow and spread the love . HAPPY Thanksgiving to you and yours, ya’ll. I hope you’re all soaking in the day.

That’s what I’M TALKING BOUT.

This is about as accurate as it gets.

My heart hurts.
To whom it may concern, I hope your kids fall in love with beautiful strong Black women and men + their kids and so on and so forth and you're one day faced with the reality that you're no better or worse than the rest of us. (YOU know who you are.) P.S. If you're not bothered by what's happening and has happened, that means you're okay with it and you're just as in the wrong as the ones doing the wrong doing whether or not you want to admit, or realize it. Own your truth. Consider how you'd feel if these were your kids, your family, your flesh and blood that has had to endure the things that happen on a day to day simply because of the color of your skin. BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN... Let that sink in.
Do better. BE BETTER.

Mood: catch my fade. Flight was delayed. Gate was moved. And...... currently sitting on the plane as they fill up 🙃. LAX, I love/hate you with all my soul.

I kinda sorta help people for a living. Like, legit put my sweat and tears (I don't think I've bled yet.) into what I do. I assist ready and willing people to reach their goal thru diet and exercise. This here, is Nathan G. He is a special case, in my opinion. Obliged is an undeniable understatement when it comes to how I feel to be a a part of his journey. This is for anyone who may be in need of a little extra assertion. Here it goes... In September of 2016, Nathan joined me at @thecamptcthousandoaks for his first challenge which consists of dedication + hard work. I have seen this man literally blossom into a completely different person and I am not simply referring to the scale. After all, it's just a number. To date, he has lost over 145 lbs and counting. This is a true testament to being able to do anything you put your mind to. Get up out your way. Get up off that ass and do something. I am not saying it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I'm wearing baby pink.
Cuz it's my favorite hue.

When it's bout to go in the wrong ____ ...... ⚒

When you've had a long day, ice cream.

Look good. Taste 🍩 good. Feel good.


When someone calls me mean...... Me:

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