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what could i possibly give

a new realm

hiii, i'm paul

i pretended a lot in high school, at the time i didn't know how to get out of it. i constantly pretended to be friends with people. i pretended to be another version of myself around people i knew were opposed to the person i truly am. i did it so much it began to affect my mental health and i'd just like to say that i'm truly fucking done. done living my life to satisfy others. if i don't like you, I DONT LIKE YOU. this may seem like i'm being a bitch and if so, let that be but i just can't continue to pretend anymore. i'm done satisfying other people and going home and being dissatisfied with myself. i'm over constantly telling myself i will be more of myself tomorrow and then waking up and stressing myself out over the dumbest shit. i know a lot of you must think that i was already living by this whole ruckus of a mantra but i wasn't completely. but now i am going to try to stick to it. i also don't like that if i don't " follow you back" on social that immediately means i don't like you. it doesn't mean that at all it just means i'm not intrigued by your internet presence, i don't like the persona that many put on while on social media. anyways this is going completely haywire from what my point is. the point is i'm done pretending and faking hellos with people i truly don't give a fuck about. i'm done having fake friendships, friendships that have no depth. a lot of you bitches are boring and i couldnt even stand having a "conversation" with you because your mind is so minuscule. i'm just gonna take myself away from all the people i never grew close to in high school because there's no point of me following you because the "friendship" we had consisted of occasional hellos in the hallway and there is no more of that now so yeah that pretty much sums it up. to all the genuine people i've met i love you, thanks 🐛

childs play

i'm going

i just finished my last day of high school and i can't tell if i still want to die or not🎓

my hobbies include: popping my pussy to classical music

🐇 je n'aime pas les faussaires

st tropez

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