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ae  (f)twd, marvel, ahs, titans, t100, got, shameless, and occasionally others (whichever one i have the most inspo for atm lol)

do something useful with your pathetic life

dt @ultrannoyd @twd_chill @walkcngdead @emiliaschildx @grimesdeads
ac lilerella

loml 💞💞
(remake of an old svp edit)

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it’s my bdayyyy 🥳

better together

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ac daeuvia
ib ssoniaki

jessie anderson

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ac externvs on sc

rosita espinosa // wanda maximoff

collab with @ultrannoyd (she did rosita)
pls go check her out ^
ac aurvnxia

livin la dolce vita 🍒
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ac epy on soundcloud (edited and looped)

my favorite four ❤️

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ac vanity on sc
it’s so dark i’m angry

one woman army

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ib sterolineblake

wonder girl & captain marvel 🌟

ac supahs on sc

haven’t edited my favorite character in months lol whoops

dt @xxhaley.b + whoever else likes her
ac leksavd

witches ruled this september
ahs apocalypse coven collab (sorry it’s so late 🤪)
ac epy on sc

zoe benson: me
cordelia goode: @illuminously
dinah stevens: @ivysarsenic
queenie: @nvmesvs
madison montgomery: @voidbastard
coco vanderbilt: @mixalchuck
misty day: @ominoavaa
mallory: @ultracoven
myrtle snow: @emqaswig

a s3 coven version of this from august is up a little further down my account if you wanna check it out

can’t wait to see her curb stomp trigon in s2

ac voidbastard on sc
dt @svnzet @allcnora @nygmasx @basicallyeliza @asylumrvl @zatannax
this is a collab pt for something i’m doing with a friend that’ll hopefully be posted in the near future

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