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carbon •
the chemical element of atomic number 6, a non-metal which has two main forms (diamond and graphite) and which also occurs in impure form in charcoal, soot, and coal.

WM Turn 7 •
<title> [ Turn- <title>
move or cause to move in a circular direction wholly or partly around an axis or point. <p
"the big wheel was turning".]

WM Vio ll •
<title> [ Adagio- <title>
Meaning a slow tempo or slow speed. <p Sometimes it is the name of a work like Mozart's Adagio for Violin and Orchestra .]

Today is my birthday! It was a great year and many things changed in my life. Thank you for your all support and ideas! We have many things to do together, stay well! ——— Bugün dogum günüm; Harika bir yil gecirdim ve hayatimda çok şey değişti.Tüm desteginiz ve fikirleriniz için tesekkurler!Birlikte yapacak daha çok işimiz var,iyi kalin!

Great news, Hello everyone, I’m about to break news on a new collaboration. We prepared a 14 piece collection with the most important flagship of temporary tattoo world @inkbox. Temporary tattoos become very popular after many great artists release their collections so I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from you guys. We had so much fun creating this collection. Now it’s available for you to enjoy!

For details @inkbox www.inkbox.com —————-
Merhaba millet, yeni bir collaboration haberi verecegim size.Temporary dövme sektorunun en onemli temsilci olan @inkbox ile birlikte 14 parcalik bir koleksiyon hazirladik.temporary dövme konusu ozellikle bu sene bircok harika dovmecinin kendi koleksiyonlarini yapmasiyla birlikte oldukca popüler hale geldi bu sebebtende sizden oldukca mesaj aliyordum.biz koleksiyonu olustururken cok eglendik ve artik yayinda keyfini cikartin! (: Detaylar icin @inkbox www.inkbox.com

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