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Carmen Ojeda ☤ M.D. 🇨🇺🇺🇸  ☤ Physician ♑️ Medicine & Fit Life ❤️ In love & Taken ♍️ 📩Train2live@ojedamd.com

If you are happy, you have to let the noise be just that; noise. ✨ #inmenslyhappy❤️ #mio💖#powercouple💑

Set your goals, pick one method, stick to it religiously, be consistent, be patient, and you will find that you are looking for. ✨ #thankGodisFriday💃🏻

" If you can measure that of which you speak, and can express it by a number, you know something of your subject, but if you cannot measure it, your knowledge is a meager and unsatisfactory." ~ William Thomson ✨
Translate in simple words to please don't just listen and follow. Read , do your research , find out more of that one who is telling you about it, question the methods. Does it work ? Can they prove that it works ? Was there a study on it ? Was it tested ? Know that anyone can be a writer in Wikipedia , ANYONE and that's scary because it's probably the number one source of information that people goes to. Don't do it because some one said it or did it, do it because you looked it up and you are convinced that it might work on yourself. #happyTuesday💪🏻 #rectusabdominis #abds #exercise #trainhard #eatwell #restup

" Self love is the beginning, an essential center piece that opens the doors to unconditional love for yourself & all beings." ~ Yung Pueblo ✨ Wish you all a happy Monday & productive week 🙏🏻

" You are the answer to every prayer I've offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don't know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have." ~ Nicolas Sparks ✨ #ifinallyfoundyou #fitcouple #traintogetherstaytogether💪🏼💏 #mybeast

La pregunta no es si llegarán , la pregunta es cuando 🙈 En busca de los cuadros perdidos 😂 #quienserobomiscuadritos #tbt #ironmadewoman #heavyweights #lifter #weightslover #musclelover #bodybuilding #fitforlife #wellness #quads #abdsofsteel #healthfirst #olympiaweekend

It's okey some times to give yourself a "Pad on the Back" and feel proud. I am not even close to where I want to be career wise, but I know for sure I am working really hard to get there. Remember that it's not about the destination, it's the journey to get you there that matters most. Enjoy every single stage of your life and you'll find that there is very little room for regrets. ✨ #findyourpassion #MD #MS #clinicalresearch #clinicaltrials #futureofmedicine #physician #clinicianatheart #medicine #priority #mastersdegree #nyu #newyorkuniversity #classof2018🎓

Take me back where there is sun ☀️, sand & water 🌊 #happySunday #beachdays #bikinilife😎

Happy BirthDay 🎁 mi blanquito, chiquitico , chinito bello. Today you won't have the day that I wanted you to have :( , but I want to wish you the best for this and every single day of your life. Wish you ... HEALTH & HAPPINESS 😘♍️ 09/08/17

Please please , do not forget ! Do not underestimate this storm ! BIGGER , STRONGER & FASTER 🌬 Take all precautions , prepare for the worst, and understand that if this hits land it will take weeks , months and years to recuperate. #maygodbewithallofyou🙏🏻 #inmythoughtsandprayers

"Gloria divina, diste suerte de buen tino
Y de encontrarte justo ahí, en medio del camino.
Gloria al cielo de encontrarte ahora
Llevarte mi soledad, y coincidir en mi destino." 🎶 #iamoneluckywoman💕 #mybeast #teamfragela

" I have too many flaws to be perfect, but way too many blessings to be ungrateful. " ✨ #gratefulsoul #dogood #begood #feelgood

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