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Carmen Ojeda ☤ M.D. 🇨🇺🇺🇸  " If you are not having fun doing it, you don't really love it, you're going to give up." ✨ ☤ Physician 🦋In love & Taken 📩Train2live@ojedamd.com

Give it your best shot and you will have no regrets. Wether it works out or not, when you leave everything on the fighting ring there will be no remorse. #givingitmyverybest

Muscles are my best accessories 😍 #classyandmuscular #trianddelt

"Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets." future MD-PhD #NYU #classof2018🎓 #mastersdegree #clinicalresearch #futurecardiologist🙏🏻 #clinicianatheart #unstoppable #physicianscientist #focused #nolimits #notyourtipicalgirl

Super 🔥 in NYC today , winter come back to me 🙈 Wishing you all a happy Friday and as usual , an awesome & stress free weekend 😘 #fridayflow😎

Better late than never 😜 first workout of the week 👎🏻 but I am very happy that after a long day I still managed to get myself to the gym and get it done ✔️ #nitenites🌙 No matter how bad of a day you had , this is the one thing that it's 100 % for yourself. #quadsnation #quadsfordays #bigisalwaysbetter😜

Deff not a bikini girl 😜 I want to look good and age well. Less reps and more weights it's my thing. The more you use a joint repetitively the more wear and tear you cause and the more problems you will have as you age. Most joint damages are irreversible and as the years pass and the pain worsens, there are less effective therapies available. If you are only trying to look good and be active, go less reps more weights and you will be just fine 💪🏻 #wellness #ironmade #quadsnation #quadsfordays

Good Morning Monday ☀️ Tip of the day : I come across so many people trying to loose weight and not being able to stick to a plan. They want to do it, they just don't have the incentive for it. I suggest if you are in that situation to seek professional help, some one to talk about the problems causing extreme stress. A personal trainer or health coach will not be able to help if your mental health is not in the right place. Put your mind exactly where your body wants to be and you will accomplish anything you truly want. Have a happy Monday and an a very productive week. 💪🏻

It's been a really shitty weekend. Her first birthday and Mother's Day that she is not around anymore and it hurts like crazy. I love you mami, please look after me 🙏🏻 #lefttoosoon❤️ #happymothersdaytoher #grandma

"Everything that you want it's exactly on the other side of fear." ✨
You have nothing to lose and probably a lot to gain, so try it, go for it, don't wait for a tomorrow that might not come. #behappytoday #donotsettleforless #nothingwrongwithwantingitall

Happy Mothers Day to all the fit mothers and those working hard for their body and health out there who don't give excuses but instead work hard to be the best at both ; being a mother and being a woman !!!!!!! 🌹🌹🌹 #happyMothersDay #fitmom #goals #oneday

"Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end." ✨
Do NOT give up !
Un cambio es duro al principio, desorganizado en el medio, y maravilloso al final." ✨
NO te rindas !
#surraca #surracaphotography #ironaddictsgymmiami #miami #happyandhealthy #lookgoodnaked #liftheavy #train2live #iamsoalpha

You need to be coherent in life. Align your thoughts with your actions, what you want with what you do. You can't want one thing and act another, it won't lead you to your desired results. ✨
#becoherent #trainsmart #eatsmart #beconsistent #loveyourself #lifestylematters #fearless

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