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The Sage of Oxford  iLeadAfrica. My interests are the Law and all that it failed to say •Doha •Delhi •Paris •New York.


Recently, in a conversation with a very good friend, after he had spent only two weeks at my place in Aguda, Surulere, he just had to ask, "Sage, how did you not get distracted growing up." I'm sure what he left out is "in an environment like this." I laughed because I actually tried to be distracted in Junior secondary school but my father's belt and my mother's prayers won't let me. Good parenting saw me through secondary school but good company saw me through the university. The University is the home of distractions. You don't know what freedom is until you get into the University. My one cent to undergraduates: keep only good COMPANY. Don't let the FREEDOM distract you from the end goal. Lobatan! God is really good. I am the definition of grace transformation and still a WORK IN PROGRESS.

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With no fault of ours, we are currently spending six years doing a five-year course in OAU. As if that isn't enough, we have to wait another 8 months before law school. That's already 7 years on a 5 year course. While our mates will be lawyers and far ahead in their fast cars, we will be pedaling our career bicycles behind them. If you are in similar predicament, guess what makes all the difference: what you do while you wait in the backstage. Make sure when your bicycle finally arrives the venue, you are a better player than those who arrived there a year earlier in their fast cars. While you wait, give birth to ideas that get you a jet so you don't have to compete with fast cars no more. Sui generis - in a class of your own. While you wait, don't ever wish for a fast car, only jets! To close, even if we had enough time, we should have none to waste. But we don't even have time at all. So, what are you doing while you wait? 🤔 #sagedosage Goodmorning

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The kind of company I'd like to keep. You know what they say, "If you hang around 5 successful people, you'll be the 6th." -#youngnigerians #ynaija #youths #influencer

Do not your cultural identity for acceptance.

I see why people don't make it by accident.

Dear millennial,
There's dignity in labour. So, Hustle! I want to share a little secret with you. If you intend to do something mega by November and you have no means, start in January. You don't have means but you have God. Start in January and give it all you've got. We don't achieve a lot most times because we set unrealistic goals. Take for instance you want to organize a conference in November and then you start working in October. This is possible under two circumstances, all the important people in Nigeria are your relatives or you have 30 billion in your account. PS: With God all things are possible sha. But remember, 1 Cor 3:6 - Paul planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. God recognizes hustle! He doesn't like people reaping from where they have not down.

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How do you spend your Saturdays? Insights for moving forward in 2018 from @iam_k9 👊🏾

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ECONOMIC IMPLICATIONS OF DECENTRALISATION: Because of the work I do with #cryptocurrency and #socialmedia, I'm aware that the current disruptive economic trend is decentralisation. Decentralisation is the ability to create, distribute, store and get rewarded for content & information, without central controlling authorities. Instead, it's a reliance on the voluntary collaborative contributions & verfication of a global network.
In today's world, you only need knowledge and a product to create value. And, you need an Internet enabled device. However, you no longer need to "know someone" or have capital. You no longer need to be a charismatic extrovert. The restrictions of geography are also disintegrating.
In the decentralised economy, knowledge and a good product idea will invite a global network of collaborators to you. These collaborators will in turn, attract capital to you.
This year, please do a few critical things, as a matter of urgency:

1. Get a very fast mobile device and a good laptop.
2. ‎Do not compromise on Internet speed.
3. ‎Develop social media profiles that represent your skill and knowledge base.
4. ‎Find a reliable and competent web developer.
5. ‎Ensure you can receive online payments.
6. ‎Beef up your Internet security and ensure your Identity verification documents are up to date.
Have a truly wonderful year.

#Cryptocurrency #Decentralization

January 6, 2018

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This one may be hard oooo considering that I have to write this daily dosage. But trust me I am working hard everyday to take my own advice too. See, sheer temerity will tell you that it is everything you think that you should say but wisdom will be whispering, almost sotto voce, that it is not everything that we can say that we should say. Search yourself. Ruminate on it. Are you sure you are not the architect of your own problem?
You may just realize that the only demon that is fighting you is your mouth and not your enemy
This year pause and think about the emotions of other people before you say anything. It’s called emotional intelligence. Don’t give the devil something to work with this year. Keep your stinker thoughts to yourself. When you are mad just move along. There’s a lot to be done. Don’t let anybody quote you. Words are like feathers, once they are out in the wind they can never be recalled. Even if you recant a statement, the ears that have heard it have heard it, there’s no undoing that. Be watchful. Don’t give the devil a chance.

#Sagedosage Good morning

#rich #naija #dangote #newyear #2018 #lekki #inspired #lagos #nigeria #africanstudents #scholarship #scholars #education #nigeria #africa #lekkilawyers #ng #endorsements #smartkids #iwlc2017 #mua #womenasleaders #DOA #lekkilawyers #lagos #nigeria #law #makeitstop #adidas #sponsors #victoriaisland #lekki #abuja

Can you do without your phone for one day? Just one day. How many of us can? How bad is yours? Has a day ever ended and you felt like you didn't achieve anything? You are not alone. Join me to set at least one goal per day for yourself henceforth. I tried it yesterday. It worked. While I was at it. My phone was on airplane. It was hard. But I got something done. I have 3 goals today. So don't be made if I don't reply your chat. Call me if it's an emergency. #sagedosage Goodmorning.

#rich #naija #dangote #newyear #2018 #lekki #inspired #lagos #nigeria #africanstudents #scholarship #scholars #education #nigeria #africa #lekkilawyers #ng #endorsements #smartkids #iwlc2017 #mua #womenasleaders #DOA #lekkilawyers #lagos #nigeria #law #makeitstop #adidas #sponsors #victoriaisland #lekki #abuja

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