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We started using essential oils years ago to help support our sleep, to help support the immune system, and to help with respiratory support. If you’ve been on a health journey and would like to join up with our team, from now until the end of the month whoever purchases a starter kit with our team will receive a “Breathe” roller ball! .
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My babies and their sensitive skin got me looking into EVERYTHING in our home to see what could be affecting them. Turns out that dryer sheets are one of the most toxic items in our homes! Wool dryer balls are more eco-friendly, natural, and economical, plus no scary ingredients that can cause skin irritation or worse. I like to add my citrus oils or lavender to the ball before placing in the dryer - it leaves a nice, natural scent and the ball helps to fluff up the (mountains) of laundry we go through in a day! Yay, for no toxins and no skin irritation! 👚👕👖👗
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I’m much more comfortable in the “giver” roll in life, but in this season of life the Lord has shown me the beauty, blessing, and peace that comes in being a receiver from those that I’m in community with. It’s definitely not always a comfortable place to be, but it has shown me once again the importance of us all having each other’s back. God is our strength when we are weak, but how beautiful that He can use actual people to be His strength in our lives. Tonight I’m grateful for those that put their arm around me when I need someone to lean on. ❤️

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Post workout snack 💪

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I always have had these dry patches near my mouth, but since using this magic right here (I’m guessing it’s the exfoliating power) it has cleared those patches right up! And any help a mom of 3, pushing 40, can get, she needs to take! 😂
I use this loveliness on my face, neck, and chest. The minty aroma is like a breath of fresh air and leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Again, any help mama can get, mama will take! 🙌🌿

#minty #rejuvenating #refreshing #skincare #satinfacialscrub #youngliving #drypatches

My absolute favorite smelling oil of Young Living’s is the blend Valor. My two bottles here are well loved as you can see. I think it’s pretty fitting that my bottles are scarred and broken. True Valor seems to see a lot of that. I use Valor when I’m feeling anxious, scared, overwhelmed.
I wanted to share about this oil on Memorial Day because I am forever grateful for the Valor and sacrifice of so many men and women who have helped to preserve our freedoms. Thank you, you are never forgotten 🇺🇸

#memorialday #neverforgotten #sacrifice #valor #valoroil #youngliving #essentialoils #landofthefreebecauseofthebrave

This morning my son accidentally spilled a huge container of tiny blocks, they came crashing down pouring out in a million pieces all over the room. His brother was very upset about it and kept complaining and whining as he sat pouting against the wall. I told him the damage had already been done, and all that was left was to clean it up, complaining was doing nothing to help the situation.
How many times in life do I need to remember this? Sometimes things just seem to be a mess, shattered all around us. Sometimes it’s our fault, sometimes it’s others fault. And while processing through these times is important, complaining and whining doesn’t help us very much. When the mess is there, and we all know life can get messy - after a bit, it’s just time to pick up. Time to clean. Time to remember that nothing can separate us from the love of God is Christ Jesus, in Him we are more than conquerors. We can’t let our circumstances dictate our response to this truth. •

Romans 8:31-39

#faith #family #future #morethanconquerors #romans8

My husband has (severe)hemophilia and has dealt with chronic pain most of his life. This has affected how well he rested at night, or I guess I should say how poorly he rested at night. He tried every OTC remedy that was offered and nothing supported him consistently or with much success.
One of the very first Young Living products I started using was “Peace and Calming” I used it on my little ones to help them rest at night and right away we both could tell a difference with how well they were sleeping. My very skeptical husband was leery about trying the oil to help him with sleep support, but he reluctantly obliged me and tried it. Surprisingly to him it helped tremendously! We mixed it with Cedarwood essential oil to help even more. I love being able to use plant based support to help my family, no side effects, just amazing results! 🙌🌿😴

#sleepsupport #zzzz #rest #hemophilia #chronicpain #plantbased #oils #sleepytime #peaceandcalming #cedarwood

My sweet boy started feeling sick at the park today. There was a time in my life that I would get so nervous about what to do when my littles started feeling bad, I just felt helpless, and although I know I still have a lot of growing and learning to do, I’m now confident in the steps that I take and I know it will help them move toward wellness and feeling better. I’m a list maker, so my list of what to do when a cold or virus hits is -
1. Hydrate: (water, broth, juice, juice frozen pops, tea with oils)
2. Support a healthy gut: (probiotics, bone broth)
3. Support the immune System: (essential oils, elderberry syrup, Ningxia Red)
4. Rest (the Daniel Tiger song helps with this 🐯)
The ESSENTIAL essential oils in our house to build the immune system are Thieves and Oregano. Both diluted and applied to their feet and along their spine. Thieves and Lemon always diffusing. Before we know it we’re on our way to feeling better! What are your must-do’s when feeling under the weather? 🤢🤒😷🤕

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Back in the day this is where it all started for me, with a starter kit. (Except now the starter kit comes with this incredible diffuser, Thieves cleaner, etc!!...which mine did not.)
I was a new mommy and was feeling very confused and torn with all the things that were in our home that I knew weren’t safe for my little ones. I wanted better for them, and better for my husband who desperately needed joint support and sleep support, and better for myself who needed emotional support and immune support. I very, VERY skeptically ordered a starter kit with Young Living, and very skeptically began to use the oils for immune support, joint support, sleep support, emotional support, toxic free cleaning, etc. and I realized I literally could not keep moving down the path of health and wellness for my family without this! I became a crazy believer in being an advocate for my family and saying YES to the gifts God gave us in plant based support! If you are confused and torn, a skeptic through and through like I was, but you want better for your family and better for yourself, start where I did. Purchase one of the (awesome) starter kits offered and see if it doesn’t change the way you do things, and literally change your life for the better! •

(Link in the bio / DM me with any questions) 😘

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