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The Continuation...!
But the crush by here means one hell of a special person for whom, to be honest i would fight with the world to have her in my life. Not fight in a sense, would do anything for but its just a word or sentence. Moreover, life has taught me many lessons and got over a lot of instances in life and learnt from it.
In this part of the continuation, I will be sharing or talking about the life i have been living and the life i would’ve been living.
Brilliant and bright kid from the childhood, parents thought i would be giving them a happy life. But, who knew their son was into drugs for time and in playing with the emotions of people. After, staying in rehab for 2 hell of years i came out clean and changed. But, who knew the reason behind the change. Even the god would be confused till now. Crying alone in nights and faking all day long, spent my life with a fake smile. 2015 was the year, which was a turning point in my life and health. Got to the last stage of Asthama, found that the end was near. But, loosing hope was not the solution. I went to Mustang Valley, when it was snowing in Muktinath; did not bath in the 108 tap waters but still the effect was seen tho i came out clean and healthy. But, the effect inside was done already and all i could do was pray and not loose hope. Statements from the doctor was hell but yet i am still alive and living healthy. Woah! This is life. Told that you would be dead in few time but see its been almost 4 years by now and i am living young, wild and free.
Well, it was just a background and the crush will be revealed not so soon! But will be revealed. Trust me, she is a pure soul. She is beautiful 😅
This was it about the continuation, nothing deep today! But just some sharing.
I am happy in my life now, that i find the person but not the other person in that person. I am happy that i do not have to fake anymore and live in the reality and not in lies and fake. There was nothing interesting today, but will come up with many things as the time passes.
Well, at the end. If your a male, dont be like me. Be yourself, learn to respect women and her emotions.

Ever felt alone in middle of a crowd?
If so then your with me, read the whole story for the past few months.

Brokeup with someone and felt great! Well, it was just for sometime. The journey to find her in someone else was very tough, dated many and moved on. But, well it was never a success. It was just a way to forget her existence. Blocked on facebook, blocked on instagram, blocked on Viber, and almost every social medias and the way i could communicate with her. Felt better, just for a day. Well, blocked on heart?? Well, it was an error. Again in the search of seeing her in someone else began. Well, again!! No success.
Life went on, i kind of compromised myself within my silence and kept the search on. Found No one! Cause honestly, no one like her existed. Then i realized that, i am wrong! If i had to find her in someone then why couldnot I find her in her. It was my fault. So, i stopped searching her in someone else. Thought of getting back to her but, it was like going to the moon without oxygen. Cause its impossible. And yes, i stopped the search.
Now, the main question! What will i do, what will i go through and who would understand me. I faked that i have forgotten her, movedon, faked happiness and faked every move of mine.
Solitarily, i was moving on with no destination in my life. Prolly like a monkey chasing for Banana with no idea which tree it grows.
Lost my bestfriend. Friendship that was eternity, failed. Lost trust on people, lost trust on love. Lost the trust in me.
But? I gathered myself quite well, and dared to love again. But this time, with different perspective, different opinion and with my heart. Met an old time crush on instagram, cause she followed me and honestly i had noticed her alot. Actually, alot.😅 That was simply beautiful, the one who u loved as a crush; is crushing you back and forth with an envelope of love towards you. Thats eternal love. No one could deny the fact that its not beautiful, cause it was beautiful 💓
Now, i am happy. Cause i dont find her in someone else. But i find my crush in my crush. Crush by here doesn’t mean the people i show off in my instagram, but the crush by here means...
To be continued.

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