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E M I L Y (Hagood) J O N E S  Wife. Puppy mom. Theme park girl. @ohyeahapparel.


I’m about to do another long drive by myself and I’m fresh outta audio books. 😭
READERS! What’s your favorite book that you would recommend?! 🤓
(I’ve already got so many great suggestions from my Insta Story so THANK YOU if you’ve DM’ED!)
Edit: I’m not a HP fan... sorry guys. 🙈

My best bud Sigmund had surgery to remove a lump from his face today. 😔
I would love any prayers for his recovery and for positive test results. 🙏🏻
5 years ago my family adopted this little guy right off the street- he had clearly been neglected. Now he has the life of a king which is exactly what he deserves! He is the SWEETEST dog I have ever met!
We are ready for him to be healthy & happy again! ❤️

Best friend
Puppy daddy
Business partner
Thanks for being everything all the time.
(Rosie’s face is saying MOM & DAD EWWWW 🙈)
#ohyeahjones #ohyeahrosie

Tomorrow is known for pink & red yet I’m enamored with this beautiful LITTLE BLACK DRESS! (Linking it in my story!) 🖤💃🏼
😍What are you ladies & gents doin for V DAY?!
🥂Romantic date? 🥂
🍫Staying home eating chocolate? 🍫
❤️In case no one tells you, I APPRECIATE YOU!
I’d send you ALL flowers if I had a zillion dollars. 🌹

I’m not crying about the comments on my last post... there’s just something in my eye... 🙈❤️
If you’re ever wondering how to make a difference... a good start is leaving a sweet comment to someone on social media.
Never underestimate the power of encouragement & good old fashioned kindness. ✨
@anthropologie #anthropologie #ad

Curious who’s honest enough to answer this... I’d really ❤️ to know!
💃🏼Every day fashion/ Outfits!
🏰Disney Parks/ Disney Style!
☀️Inspiration/ Kind Words/ Encouragement!
🌈A lil mix of all of the above!

Orange ya glad it’s FRI-YAY!? 🎊
A pop of color makes my day instantly bright. 🌈
What’s your favorite color to wear that makes you
H A P P Y?
@Anthropologie #anthropologie #myanthropologie
#ad #sponsored #lolyinthesky

Currently in NC... missing my @ohyeahpup so much... dreaming about snuggling her and eating lots of Chick-fil-A together. 🐶💭 What kind of dogs do you guys have?! 🧐

I’m curious how you would describe your style in 3 words? 🤓
I always aim for:
I love finding that perfect mix of unique pieces that feel like wearing pjs. 💃🏼 @Anthropologie #anthropologie #ad #sponsored #myanthropologie

First year having a Valentine AND a lil Galentine. How lucky am I? 😍💕 #ohyeahrosie #ohyeahjones

So Minnie naps to take... so little time. 😴
P.S. due to popular demand, I finally caved & made this cutie her own page. 👉🏼 @ohyeahpup #ad

I keep getting tagged by people to share ✋🏼 facts about myself. (Then @shelbyrevis tagged me today & reminded me to do this!) 👇🏼
1️⃣ I was born & raised in Alabama then moved to NC for 10 years and I’ve now been living in FL for a year.
2️⃣ I LOVE animals. In Heaven I suppose I’ll have many dogs, cats, llamas, lions, tigers, elephants & giraffes.
3️⃣ I have a husband named Scott and a brother named Scott.
4️⃣ I joined a full time ministry at 15 where I traveled the country teaching fine arts workshops and it was the most character building experience of my life.
5️⃣ I grew up going to WDW on family trips and never thought I’d be living 5 minutes away from it. But now I am and I feel grateful beyond words that my home is a dream vacation spot for a lot of people. (Even though living in a tourist city can be chaotic. 🙈)

Looking at the weekend like 👀
I hope to see you all ROCKING THE DOTS in your own unique style the next few days. 💃🏼
I’m really focusing on making this the year I wear the things that truly make me H A P P Y. ❤️

So #winniethepoohday is a thing?
OK I’M IN. 🍯😍

Layers on layers is my life lately. Before I moved here, I never expected FL to have a “real winter” but honestly, I’ve been enjoying it SO much! •••
Do you prefer ❄️☃️ OR ☀️🌊?

Where there is love there is magic. ✨

Forever melting into a puddle when her tiny face looks at me. 😍😭 LOVE MY LIL GAL PAL! #ohyeahrosie

Started off festival season with a BANG. 💇🏼‍♀️🌈 #artfulepcot

💕On Wednesdays we wear (millennial) pink. 💕
🎊P.S. there’s a fun GIVEAWAY happening over on @OhYeahApparel. 🎊
We’re giving away 3 of the brand new millennial pink MAGIC BANDS + 3 OYA shop credits + a lifetime supply of pink drinks. (Ok JK about the last one... but wouldn’t that be nice?! 🤩)

Mondays can be hard. 🤦🏼‍♀️
But puppies are cute so the world balances out.
TAG A FRIEND that needs to see an adorable puppy today!

Have my recent posts got you seeing SPOTS? 🙈
I linked a bunch of my fave #rockthedots pieces in my story (as per your request!) ❤️
I love outfits that are inspired by Disney but can also be worn outside the parks in ya know, “real life.” 🤷🏼‍♀️

Saturday mood 💕
So MINNIE reasons to be happy. 😚
Scott is coming home today after a work trip away and I’ll finally have some help with our WILD CHILD aka Rosie. 🐶🙌🏼
I’m also excited about getting back into the parks soon. 🏰
What’s ONE THING you’re happy about this weekend? 👇🏼

SPOTTED: an overload of dots for today’s Minnie inspired street look. ⚫️⚪️
P.S. wearing head-to-toe @Anthropologie. Linking all the pieces in my story! #oyeootd #myanthropologie #ad #sponsored

Stepping into 2018 fueled by hot cocoa and dancing down the streets like the cold doesn’t even botha me. 💃🏼
P.S. I’m loving the subtle dots on this colorful dress... 👀⚫️⚪️🔴
I’m ready to #rockthedots this month as much as possible, all leading up to National POLKA DOT DAY on Jan 22nd! 🎊 #oyeootd #myanthropologie #ad #sponsored

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