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playing with @lynngvnn

Old sketch by @terbywonder

Madam Satan


My beautiful friend @haley_warr and I by the wonderful @dylanstaleyphoto (styled by Haley)

playing... In contrast to my last post I would like to note that I do see the importance of the juxtaposition of our societies obsession with perfection and the underbelly, all things real and raw, one could not exist without the other and man- isn’t that life for ya

Albert Joseph

I don’t take any of the compliments personally on here in regards to my looks. I do not look like this. No one looks like their photos- not really. I see my photos on here as paintings maybe? A sliver of life captured, cleaned up, hopefully telling somewhat of a story but always glamorized, always in the best light, even when it’s sad or dark. I do hope we all grow sick of this pursuit of perfection, it’s incredibly depressing and dull.

By @alexbstoddard
Hair color by @cest_tiffany 💫

Photo by my very talented and handsome love @raulgonzo with @haley_warr who is as beautiful inside as she is out
—— You know I’ve been thinking about the competitiveness that women feel, it’s so wired in us to compare ourselves to other women or even ideas of other versions of ourselves... why? Is there some kind of primal purpose for it or is it all marketing or is it simply the western worlds obsession with the individual? The truth of course is that no one can be compared to anyone else. Everyone is a completely unique expression of life, it’s impossible to compare! Every individual is perfect. It’s like saying one rose is more beautiful or interesting or smart then another. We can have preferences and taste for the people we want in our lives, but I do think it’s important we see that we are all equal... which involves tearing down our competitiveness, thinking about human traits like beauty and intelligence in a deeper way, and re-evaluating where our sense of worth is coming from... (this is a message as much to myself as it is to all of you)

Photo by @lucasambrosioph
Makeup/hair @jillianwilkey

Lately I’ve been really torn between the fact that Instagram is really entirely a marketing tool I use for work - if I didn’t model/act I wouldn’t have it. And the fact that part of what makes Instagram bearable is being able to post about my beliefs, along with photos/art/words I love and hope others will love too... blah

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