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TGIF! This was from @gdupes birthday a few days ago, but my box of wine isn't as photogenic...

Happy birthday @gdupes you're the best partner and the best father. Love you longtime ๐Ÿ˜

Starting my extra long weekend off with a clean house

Captain Bea! Airplane rides in the park - what a perfect way to spend a Saturday. I feel so lucky to be a stepmom to g's girls.

This guy is still stuck in California, but will finally be able to come home on Monday! A one week trip has somehow turned into 3.5 weeks and we are all verrrrrrrry excited for his return. 3 more sleeps. 3 more sleeps....

When your husband has been gone for so long and you have no one to take care of but yourself, you do the things you've been wanting to do for months! Today I started making some jewellery and I'm pretty thrilled with how it's turning out. That said, I'm pretty ready for him to come home.

It's this cool cat's birthday today! So thankful we found each other when we did ๐Ÿ˜˜

My happy place - a clean kitchen.

Today's picnic is brought to you by the letter C! The girls got to pick a letter of the alphabet and I made a rule that we could only eat and play with things that start with c! We colored, played catch and had a big "c" spread...it helps that 90% of their favorite things start with c. Next up is R!

Tidying up around here and getting ready for a new batch of guests coming later this weekend!

Was lucky enough to spend some time with @gdupes and @scottradamson in his decked out van he's been living in with his adorable pooch, Ellie. You can check it out over at @comeswithaview
I could get verrrrry used to that kind of a set up...

๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ from San Diego. Sadly I leave this dreamy place and G behind tomorrow morning which feels very strange, but he will be home in two weeks when he's allowed to hop on a train outta here. All things considered, he's doing really well, so thanks for all of your sweet comments/texts. Back to the beach while he sleeps off his cocktail of meds.

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